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PCSX2 1.0 Released!

3 min read

After many long years of development, debugging and testing effort, we have reached a point where PCSX2 runs a great majority of the games, and there are no important issues that could possibly be fixed without requiring major modifications to the emulator.

PCSX2 Mac Updates

2 min read

The developer of the Mac port of PCSX2, zedr0n , came back with a bang after some time of silence! He has released a new version of his 0.9.6 port of PCSX2 for Lion with some additional compatibility fixes. Here is what he had to say about it:

PCSX2.Net Revamped

4 min read

After almost 3 months of under cover preparation, I present you the new PCSX2 homepage! The last redesign was done 7 years ago by CKemu and Falcon4ever and now it is my turn to update it 馃槉

Interview At Goodgame.Hr

10 min read

Some days ago we were contacted by a Croatian gaming site and were asked to give an interview about PCSX2 馃槉 We were happy to answer all the questions and help make PCSX2 known to even more people, so here it is:

Threading Vu1

16 min read

Well if you've kept up with pcsx2's SVN, you'll notice we recently added a MTVU (Multi-Threaded microVU1) option, which runs VU1 on its own thread.

Spu2-X 2.0

2 min read

Not even 2 weeks ago we released SPU2-X 1.5, yet today we feel that the plugin has matured enough for another release. This time the changes are significant enough to do the version jump to 2.0 馃槉

Spu2-X 1.5

One min read

Hey guys, In light of recent fixes and additions we prepared a new SPU2-X release for you 馃槉

PCSX2-Mac - 0.9.6 Snow Leopard

One min read

Work on 0.9.7 is in progress and with very promising results some of the changes are making it into the 0.9.6 build which is probably going to be the last for this version.