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Hey guys!
We've made some important changes to GSdx and SPU2-X concerning bugfixes, stability, and emulation correctness. It's best to use these with the PCSX2 0.9.7.r3113 beta release.

Head over to the beta downloads section to grab the 7z archive with the upgraded plugins. To upgrade, extract into your PCSX2 plugins folder and then select them from PCSX2's plugin selector.

GSdx changes:

  • Better DirectX 11 detection.
  • Wrong colors in the movie record feature fixed.
  • More CRCs for automatic post process removal.
  • Stability fixes and preparation work for future PCSX2 revisions.
  • Finally fixed the remaining DirectX 11 memory leaks on emulator suspends!

SPU2-X changes:

  • Major bugfix that prevented SPU2-X from initializing on many users systems.
  • More accurate emulation regarding double interrupts.
  • Fixed minor volume issues and doubled output volume.
  • Fixed a write-back issue that had caused memory corruption before.
    Now the Tales of Destiny 2 sound test has a working visual equalizer.
  • Mostly fixed voice modulation (used in Romancing Saga and FFX battles).
  • Clamp illegal pitch settings, fixing another bunch of games.
  • Hopefully fixed bad reverb area problems.

Enjoy Smile


Just a quick one for a couple of things that have been floating about i wanted to bring to your attention.

PCSX2 Used in Test:

The first is a mention from our friends at Eurogamer and Kotaku! PCSX2 was used in an experiment to see what ICO and Shadow of the Colossus would be like if they were re-released on the PS3 in HD (Note, they did NOT use the PS3's upscaling ability Razz ), Check out these articles below.

(Thanks for Parotaku for finding these)

Big thank you to Eurogamer and Kotaku, i hope you guys enjoyed the emulator Smile

We're On Facebook and Twitter!:

Many people have asked for it, so I've branched out into the popular social networking site Facebook as well as microblogging site Twitter in order to provide more avenues for our users to interact and keep informed on PCSX2.

You can find us as @PCSX2 on Twitter and join The Official PCSX2 Facebook Group Hope to see all of you there!




After more than a year since the last stable 0.9.6 release and 8 months since the last beta release of PCSX2, the new beta version is finally ready!
The most notable change is the all new GUI powered by wxWidgets, but the amount of improvements in this release is really amazing Smile

This 0.9.7 release is marked as unstable/beta, meaning it still has some known bugs and unimplemented features but it is fully supported by the PCSX2 team. For more info, check the included readme file.

Without further delay, here's the extensive changelog:

  • New GUI based on wxWidgets working on a separate thread
  • microVU, an all new VU0/VU1/COP2 recompiler
  • VIF rewritten and a new Vif Unpack recompiler
  • IPU improvements, many more videos now play perfectly
  • Stable full screen operation with GSdx
  • Alt+Enter Hotkey for real-time fullscreen/window mode switching
  • Many new emulation options, complete with tooltips
  • New MTGS, much more efficient and compatible
  • New BIOS skipping method, more compatible and correct
  • New Host File System Support
  • Turbo/Slow motion settings for the frame limiter
  • On the fly changing of settings and plugins
  • Threaded Saving/Loading states, so it does not pause gameplay
  • Built in ISO reader with a recently used ISO list
  • Suspend / Resume emulation safely and fast
  • Simplified plugin configuration dialog, with more options
  • Full DVD9 game support (for example God of War, Xenosaga, Gran Turismo 4 etc)
  • First time configuration wizard
  • Settings stored in your User documents folder by default to prevent Vista / Windows 7 permission issues
  • New Game database detects the game you run, displays compatibility info, and auto applies special game fixes/patches if needed
  • Cheats are now separate from patches, cheats can be placed in the "cheats" folder and enabled/disabled from pcsx2's file-menu
  • Many important plugin updates, GSdx has many bugs and memory leaks fixed, SPU2-X makes dozens of games boot which never did before
  • And a huge amount of improvements and bug fixes which we don't remember anymore

This time the distribution will be a bit different. There are 3 versions, the full installer, the web installer and the binary. We highly recommend people to use our torrents to lower the load of our server and for faster distribution. You will need a torrent client such as utorrent to download them.

Full installer [12.0mb]: Torrent | Googlecode direct dl
Web installer [2.88mb]: Torrent | Googlecode direct dl
Binaries [2.92mb / 7zip]: Torrent | Googlecode direct dl

(NOTE: Full installer includes Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables, which is ideal for offline installs of PCSX2. Web installer optionally fetches the Redists from, if your computer doesn't already have them installed.)

Linux binary [3.1mb]: Torrent | Googlecode direct dl

Source code: Torrent


Hey there guys,

Just to let you all know, during the next 7 days there may be a bit of downtime due to us moving our domain registration over from directnic to the company our dedicated server is owned by, thus bringing everything in to one place for easier management (from our perspective).

Apologies in advance for any inconvenience, however the main website and the forums will be down during this period, but we will try our best to get the website back up as soon as we can!


Update 01/04: The domain is now across, the main site seems ok however the forums DNS record isnt working currently, we are working on this.
For now you can add this to your hosts file located in c:\windows directory\system32\drivers\etc

This should give you access again until we get this fixed.

Happy April Fools Day! (btw this isnt an april fool)

Update 04/04: All seems to be back up again now! well done Falcon4ever for spotting my mistake -_- . Welcome back everybody Smile


Hey people.
While we're still working on the new PCSX2 version, we've also been constantly adding to the all important plugins.
Every now and then we release a beta plugin pack, so you can test them out and benefit from the new features a bit earlier Smile
Head over to the beta downloads page here to grab the new March 2010 package.

SPU2-X 1.4:

  • Yet again improved sound quality by fixing a sample overflow in the ADPCM decoder.
  • Adjustable reverb volume, for deeper reverb effects.
  • Fixes to interrupts and status registers that allow many more games to boot.
    Games fixed by this update include titles like Fatal Frame 2 and 3, Black, the Burnout series, Max Payne 2, Silent Hill 0rigins, Silent Hill Shattered Memories and, of course, "Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey" Razz

GSdx 0.1.16:

  • Stability fixes (less exception crashes).
  • More games have post processing removed, making them playable.
  • Fixed a blending effect used in Final Fantasy 10, 10-2 and Grandia3.
  • Many more tweaks and additions.


  • Several bug fixes that make it work better with the new PCSX2 version.

And many more..
Remember that you have to update DirectX and also to install the latest
"Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)".
Links here and here.


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