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Yes folks PCSX2 0.9 is here, by no means gracefully, but it is here!

You can now enjoy PCSX2 0.9 a faster and more compatible PS2 emulator, it's been a year since 0.8.1 was released so you will see many dramatic changes!

Many games are now going ingame, and some are even playable (check out games like Disgaea, or Silent Hill 4!)

On behalf of all the team I would like to say a big HELLO to linuzappz, and a large thank you for everything he's done for us prior to him leaving the team!

Given the site troubles over the past 24 hours, I can assure you that myself and several devs right now are totally bald from ripping our hair out! Confused

Thus the download is being hosted off site, and some aspects of the site may still be broken, we're working on this, but please give us some time!

NOTE: There will be no Linux build for a good few weeks! so apologies to all linux users!



Until the site is working properly again we cannot host it locally, so use either of these 2 mirrors:
Mirror 1


Update to the "Software Expo at FAST-NU" news posted previously. PCSX2 won the Grand Prize! - Best software out of 48-50 entries! It had an audience of 200 in just two days!

Congratulations to all the Beta-Testers, developers and of course the public who support us! You guys made this possible! So thank you everyone!

This one goes out to Linuzappz, [RO]man and GoldFinger ! ( Time to make a return Wink )


PCSX2 Beta v0.9 is going to be on display at FAST-NU Lahore, Pakistan by Saqib Akhtar (One of the main developers) on the 24th and 25th of March, 2006. run by the respected and fine admin winter_mute, will be providing the official Polish language forums for the PCSX2 project!

Some of you may of been expecting a release the end of last month, this was the original intention of the team, but recent changes caused compat issues and needed further in depth testing. The aim is to get a release out soon, but how soon depends on various major changes!

Some of these changes if fixed and tested to be 'stable' will provide a good deal of ....well dare I say it... speed!


General Plot has been strangely happy these past few days, slowly taking screenshots and recording a video from Grandia 3, beta testing has warped his mind, now he finds 0.x-2 FPS 'fun' Razz.

So yes you guessed it, there's a video with this news post, but you have to admit, seeing something in motion truly gives a better impression of what it looks like!

Video is AVI using xVid so you will need a media player capable of playing back this format. This file is being shared using Bit Torrent, so you will need a torrent client, such as uTorrent to download this video.

Grandia 3 Ingame
1 Minutes 13 Seconds | 13.8 MB | Real Ingame Speed - 1.5-2 FPS.

Along with this video, there is a selection of screenshots posted on the official forums: here, feel free to check them out.



Not going to say much really, I think the video does that Wink

These videos are AVI (Xvid) and should be playable under any decent media player and are being shared using Bit Torrent, thus you will need a Bit Torrent client such as uTorrent to get these videos! Please seed for as long as possible!

Surprised NOTE: Actual Emulated speed not shown! Most run below 20 FPS! Surprised
Low Quality Version - 17MB

High Quality Version - 87MB

3D Graphics / Video Editing

Musical Score / Mental Support During Rendering
Refraction (BIFCO Records Ltd.)

Painful-to-Record Video Clip Staff
ChaosCode (Devil May Cry 3)
CKemu (Capcom Fighting Jam, Capcom Vs SNK2, Final Fantasy X-2 / 12, MGS2 - Skate, Monster Hunter G, Rumble Roses, Virtua Fighter 4)
General Plot (Kingdom Hearts)
Nachbrenner (DDR Party Collection, Gran Turismo 4, GTC Africa, Second Sight)
Parotaku (Biohazard 4, Bloody Roar 3, Nightmare Before Christmas- Oogie's Revenge, R-type Final, Rez)
Refraction (Final Fantasy X, Makai Kingdom)
Rudy X (Frequency)

Laz0r Team
Gabest (Needs to fix LOTS)
Refraction (Scratching his balls, pondering pizza)
Saqib (Currently in the distant past fighting time distortions)
Shadow (Kidnapped by his girlfriend, tortured, perhaps dead)

In Memory Of
Linuzappz (Needs to pop by and say hi! - lazy sod)
rumble roses

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