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Meet the team

You may contact the authors of PCSX2 for questions, information, or in relation to helping with the development. Before you directly email the authors of this project, you may wish to consider asking for help and support on the official forums, or using real time communication through the Official Discord Channel - click here for the invite.

Open source contributors should visit our official Github repository, where you can freely submit source code patches or make suggestions/requests using our Issues section.

The active Team Members Responsible for PCSX2's Source Code (as of 27-4-2012)
 us arcum42: Linux compatibility,porting and general coding.
 jp avih: Presets, Memory cards manager, general UI.
fr gregory: Linux coding, GSdx OGL port.
 us pseudonym: EE recompiler, GSdx renovations and general coding.
 de rama: Resident hacker, uses random values until they fix something, then figures out why Razz
 gb Refraction: General Coding DMA/VIF etc.

Past Developers

 us Linuzappz: Project founder, master of The GS emulation and so many others..
 gr Shadow: Project founder, master of CPU, master of bugs, general coding…
[TyRaNiD]: GS programmer, general coding
au aumatt: A bit of everything mostly handles CDVD cmds
basara: Recompiler programmer, general coding
 us cottonvibes: FPU and VU recompilers, general coding
 gr drkIIRaziel: Memory management, emulation theory, recompiler design
ro florin: Master of HLE. Master of CD code and bios HLE…
br Goldfinger: MMI,FPU and general stuff
 us Jake Stine: wxGUI, MTGS, counters, general coding,SPU2-X, x86 emitter.
au loser: Obscure CDVD related stuff
 de Nachbrenner: Germany patch freak Razz
Roor: General coding.
pk saqib: Project leader, fixing bugs around (FPU, Interpreter, VUs…)
jp tmkk: VUs, recompilers, x86asm
 us Zerofrog: Recompilers, ZeroGS, x86-64, Linux, optimizations, general work

Plugin Authors
People who Create Plugins for PCSX2
 us Chickenliver: Author of Lilypad, a Windows input plugin.
 us EFP: Author of EFP ISO and EFP Polling, two CDVD plugins for Windows and Linux.
 hu Gabest: Author of GSdx, a D3D (DirectX9/10) GS plugin.
 es GiGaHeRz: Author of spu2ghz, a SPU2 plugin and cdvdGigaherz, a CDVD plugin.
 us Jake Stine (Air): Author of SPU2-X, a SPU2 plugin.
Luigi__: Author of MegaDev9, a DEV9 plugin partially emulating the PS2 HDD and Megapad, an input plugin
 de Pete: Author of P.E.Op.S SPU2 and P.E.Op.S CDVD plugins.
 us Rebel_X: Author of TwinPad, a keyboard/mouse input plugin.
 us Shalma: Author of Nuvee, an input plugin supporting Lightguns and mice.
 us Zerofrog: Author of ZeroGS, a DirectX9/OpenGL GS plugin, ZeroSPU2, a SPU2 plugin and ZeroPad, a Linux input plugin.
 ru Zeydlitz: Author of ZZogl, an OpenGL fork of ZeroGS.

The Team of active Dedicated Testers (slaves)
 nl Falcon4ever: Tester for various projects, including PCSX2.
 us  General Plot: Insane tester with hundreds of games.
 fr Parotaku: Dedicated tester, with access to a massive library of games.
 in Prafull: Long time tester, and slightly nuts.

For the full list of people who have contributed to the development of PCSX2 by testing,please consult the latest release readme.

Website Team
Website Administrators
 gr Bositman: Site code and design, forum administration
 nl Falcon4ever: Server administrator.

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