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PCSX2 Productions Present

PCSX2 0.9.2 is out, with thousands of users busily trying PlayStation 2 emulation out, the screenshots thread has been a growing mecca of fantastic screenshots, we have thus decided to produce a rather 'unique' video demonstrating some of the many games PCSX2 0.9.2 can emulate.

PCSX2's forum users produce many excellent shots, because of this we plan to take a selection of shots from the screenshots thread on a 'regular' basis and place them on this site under the screenshots section, so please keep on posting and thank you!

There is also a growing YouTube collection of videos being produced by PCSX2 users, check them out! Feel free to make your own videos using PCSX2's inbuilt video recording features and post them in the newly created Videos Thread!

This video is homage to you - the PCSX2 user, we hope you enjoy it!

:: PCSX2 Videos Download Section - Check out the video produced by the PCSX2 Team!

:: Refraction - Spirit - If you enjoyed the music from this video, download the MP3!

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