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Here you can find the latest PCSX2 Git revisions and their respective changelogs. The downloads are courtesy of Orphis' build bot, which he provides totally free of charge Smile Thanks Orphis!
You can click on the revision number to check out the git revision page and the download button to get them (you will be redirected to Orphis' page). The top revision is the latest,which means it includes all changes from all previous ones.
You need to install the Visual C++ 2015 redist to run these builds.

Revision Author Age Changelog Download
43d0bd9rkubes3 days,3 hours ago

Enhance "Assemble Opcode" to be pre-populated by existing instruction. (#2244)

4aa25c4lightningterror3 days,11 hours ago

GSdx: Disable Merge Sprite on native resolution.

Previously if HW hacks were enabled Merge Sprite was active(if checked) on
native resolution even if the GUI option was disabled, which in result
caused glitches in games on native resolution.

This should address that issue.

5d61f65refractionpcsx24 days,14 hours ago

Merge pull request #2264 from FlatOutPS2/SPU2

SPU2-X: Prevent volume check from altering volume

57cbc90FlatOutPS24 days,15 hours ago

SPU2-X: Prevent volume check from altering volume

Fixes issue in Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero where checking the left master
volume would alter it.

fe27d3bFlatOutPS24 days,21 hours ago

GSdx: Add Dark Cloud CRCs to automatic mipmapping

9dc7930lightningterror4 days,21 hours ago

GSdx: Merge CRC hacks of Wild Arms 4 and 5

It's better to avoid duplicate code so let's merge these two together
as well.

49cd6bcorbea6 days,15 hours ago

cmake: Don't print a git describe error with shallow clones.

fbdd0f4lightningterror1 week,2 hours ago

GSdx: Remove/move/merge CRC hacks.

Remove Aggressive CRC hacks for SSX 3. Was used to remove the red lines
on older versions but no longer needed since the issue has been fixed.
Offered 1fps or less speed bump but it's not worth keeping for such a
minimal increase.

Merge all FFX CRC hacks in to one. They share the same code so it's
better to have one to avoid duplicate code.

Move CRC hack for Bleach Blade Battlers to Aggressive. It removes the
character shading. It can be used as a speed hack since the gains are
quite good from it. Around 15-30%.

29ef586lightningterror1 week,14 hours ago

GSdx: Move CRC hacks for Soul Calibur 2&3 to DX level.

Add missing CRC ids for Soul Calibur 2 and 3.
Move CRC hacks to DX level. They are not needed anymore on OpenGL since
Depth Emulation fixes depth issues (shadows).

36a1c7assakash1 week,2 days ago

PCSX2-WX: Display the video mode on titlebar

I found it might be useful for looking into issues at certain cases
where users provide a screenshot covering the titlebar, so we can easily
identify which video mode is being used.

Especially useful for looking into PCRTC issues.

e0ec8b3turtleli1 week,2 days ago

iop: Fix booting ELF files on a different drive

Fixes a regression introduced in b3b1f3ac685da28030993e70ae6433175060d57e,
where ELF files on a different drive to PCSX2 would fail to load.

8542468rkubes1 week,3 days ago

Fix mouse click focus in debugger near functions ending in a branch. (#2250)

This code updates the DisassemblyFunction objects to only include Delay Slots when they are within the bounds of the function.

74282b4rkubes1 week,5 days ago

Corrected MipsOpscodes table for unconditional branch. (#2247)

The assembler was previously assembling instruction "b i" as an alias to "j I".
This caused unexpected behavior when attempting to assemble an
unconditional branch. The previous behavior would cause
position-independent code to fail due to the distinction between
the absolute address of a jump vs. the offset of a branch.

e10ac8caltiereslima2 weeks,5 days ago

Portuguese-BR translation update (#2209)

Translated new strings and few updates.

18ea36aatomic83GitHub2 weeks,5 days ago

GameDB: Fixes and compatibility status update (#2223)

- Added proper clamping/rounding modes for Star Wars Bounty Hunter
- Added VIF FIFO hack for Petz - Horsez 2 to resolve hang at loading screen
- Update to compatibility status of few games

[skip ci]

13526fcLeucos84 weeks,49 minutes ago

Italian translation update (#2155)

- Translated new strings
- Various fixes and improvements

bea611eatomic83GitHub4 weeks,51 minutes ago

GameDB: Add proper rounding mode for Beyond Good and Evil v2 (#2214)

Apparently the nearest rounding mode is necessary to fix some effects which weren't fixed in positive rounding.

[skip ci]

687c0b4lightningterror1 month,4 days ago

Gsdx: Tekken 5 Channel effect and CRC Hacks

Move CRC hack to Partial that fix the half screen
bottom issue since the effect is not rendered correctly.

Move CRC hack to Aggressive. These hacks are only
needed when running upscaled resolution. They skip the
blur effect which cause ghosting and some other screen issues.
Side effect is they also remove the channel effect on OpenGL
which is emulated correctly so let's put them on Aggressive.

Comment out a hack, it's unknown what the hack does atm.
If there are new issues then it will be added back.

Added comments what the hacks do.

Partial port for channel shuffle effect to Direct3D for Tekken5.
The effect is skipped and not rendered but now the top left
screen glitch has been resolved.
Note: At least Minimum CRC level is required for this to work.

41051f3lightningterror1 month,1 week ago

GSdx: Add hidden option to disable Nvidia hack

Add hidden option "UserHacks_DisableNVhack" to disable
the Nvidia hack on Direct3D which added black lines on the right
and bottom of the screen. Could be useful for Intel and AMD GPUs.

A better solution would be to add Vendor Id detection instead,
but this will do for now.

To disable the Nvidia hack add UserHacks_DisableNVhack=1 in GSdx.ini

5fec900RedPanda45521 month,1 week ago

Make PSX cards appear as Pocketstation devices. (#2208)

Fixes memcard access in Final Fantasy VIII, and likely in other PSX
games supporting the Pocketstation peripheral. This makes inserted PSX cards show up as PocketStation devices in the PS2 browser, which is okay for now.


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