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Here you can find the latest PCSX2 Git revisions and their respective changelogs. The downloads are courtesy of Orphis' build bot, which he provides totally free of charge Smile Thanks Orphis!
You can click on the revision number to check out the git revision page and the download button to get them (you will be redirected to Orphis' page). The top revision is the latest,which means it includes all changes from all previous ones.
You need to install the Visual C++ 2015 redist to run these builds.

Revision Author Age Changelog Download
d77d440lightningterror21 hours,14 minutes ago

gsdx-hw: Re enable automatic mipmapping for Jak 1 and 3.

Issue #2916 has been resolved in #3076

6feb59fAlessandroVetere21 hours,28 minutes ago

GSdx-hw OGL: log if tex size gt PBO segment size.

Texture data may be corrupted in this case due to missing
fences synchronization.

63982bfAlessandroVetere21 hours,28 minutes ago

GSdx-hw OGL: fix PBO pool map size.

Round up mapping size for alignment before computing
wrapped pointer.
Avoids memcpy after end of PBO buffer.

9788f6dKrossX1 day,4 hours ago

PCSX2: Avoid hang when switching renders with hotkey. (#3072)

33571ddarcum422 days,14 hours ago

Comment out the fix for the moment, since Travis hates me.

0db14dfarcum422 days,14 hours ago

One more try here. Make harfbuzz optional instead of required for the moment, and worry about travis once it's on distributions with pango 1.44+.

c381cb9arcum422 days,14 hours ago

Add harfbuzz to travis as well.

eda1ab4arcum422 days,15 hours ago

Add harfbuzz as a dependency to play nice with pango 1.44+.

e8fe2eelightningterror2 days,18 hours ago

Revert "3rdparty/pthreads4w: Fixup process exit logic. (#3056)"

This reverts commit af6f04020225eaf3239bc9b4542f4afd84560540.

fc8423elightningterror2 days,18 hours ago

Revert "3rdparty/pthreads4w: Ensure on_process_init early execution. (#3073)"

This reverts commit 88a02941f698577ecc45450308269f57e1d066ad.

88a0294CookiePLMonster4 days,3 hours ago

3rdparty/pthreads4w: Ensure on_process_init early execution. (#3073)

This fixes a semi-consistent regression introduced by #3056, where on_process_exit would execute before other destructors relying on pthreads.

Now on_process_init has been moved to an earlier section of static initializers, ensuring it will be initialized first. Previously, this initializer was placed in the same section as any other initializer, making their order of execution non-deterministic across compilations - for example, I was unable to reproduce this issue as soon as I forced pthreads4w.c to recompile last!

9b651e4KrossX4 days,10 hours ago

GSdx: Fix mipmap SSE2 code for linear mipmap nearest filter. (#3064)

Fixes a regression introduced in e728a14c19eb55ea867cbf27d5985f97ed130a9e

9830b2dlightningterror5 days,21 hours ago

GSdx-hw: Add Jak 1 JP and Jak 3 EU crc ids.

beac776lightningterror6 days,2 hours ago

GSdx-hw: Add a crc id for Jak 1 US region.

9e68789AlessandroVetere6 days,3 hours ago

GSdx-hw TC: improve search tex in RT

Fixes eyes rendering in Jak games both ingame and in cutscenes.
Previous method yielded no eyes in Jak 2/3/X cutscenes.

- Generalized offset search logic with caching system (works for BW > 1
and any PSM, limited to PSMCT32 for now)
- CRC Flags mechanism for default behavior enabling in Jak games

7c42928AlessandroVetere6 days,3 hours ago

GSdx-hw TC: invalidate Source with Target TEX0

Fixes eyes blinking in Jak games with tex in rt search

- Target TEX0 in Source is Source TEX0 if the Source is
not build from Target, otherwise it is the Target TEX0,
allowing improved Source invalidation

68cfc5dAlessandroVetere6 days,3 hours ago

GSdx-hw TC: fix Target::Inside check

- inclusion shall not be strict only on start side

2007894AlessandroVetere6 days,3 hours ago

GSdx-hw TC: fix end block computations

- compute bottom right texel block as last valid block

dfa4680AlessandroVetere6 days,4 hours ago

GSdx-hw: SwSpriteRender, fix drawing region

1f6b44dAlessandroVetere6 days,4 hours ago

GSdx-hw: SwSpriteRender, improve no rast. check


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