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Here you can find the latest PCSX2 Git revisions and their respective changelogs. The downloads are courtesy of Orphis' build bot, which he provides totally free of charge Smile Thanks Orphis!
You can click on the revision number to check out the git revision page and the download button to get them (you will be redirected to Orphis' page). The top revision is the latest,which means it includes all changes from all previous ones.
You need to install the Visual C++ 2015 redist to run these builds.

Revision Author Age Changelog Download
41c49faturtleli6 days,8 hours ago

cmake: Improve wxWidgets and SDL linkage check

If wxWidgets is linked to SDL, check what version it's actually linked
against instead of assuming it's linked to SDL1.2 (which isn't true on
Fedora 27).

c23241cssakash1 week,2 days ago

PCSX2-Counters: Fix rounding of blank and render

I guess the intention of the older logic was to get the truncated part
by comparing with the original value, but that went wrong due to using
the pre-normalized value (before the division) for comparison.

Hence let's just do a modulo for rounding the render and blank.

785fe6bssakash1 week,4 days ago

Counters: Fix Hblank calculation for DVD videmodes

Previously, the DVD variant NTSC/PAL modes used the horizontal blanking
interval calculation algorithm used by digital video modes, which
shouldn't be used and also rounding error check was neglected.

Added the DVD variant modes to the list in analog video mode finder
subroutine. This should impact timing/vertical synchronization in PSX
games significantly.

5fdc9darefractionpcsx21 week,4 days ago

Merge pull request #2299 from FlatOutPS2/1_GameIndex

GameDB: Update Silent Hill 3

ca22aadFlatOutPS21 week,5 days ago

GameDB: Update Silent Hill 3

Adds vuClampMode = 2

This fixes some lighting/shadow artefacts. Most light sources like the
Flashlight are unaffected and don't cause any artefacts.

743caf4turtleli1 week,6 days ago

pcsx2: Fix string truncation on Windows

f64488fturtleli1 week,6 days ago

gsdx:d3d: Fix fbmask conversion on texture shuffle

Port of 6580f4922fcee77db8cf9225a70db781b53c12a8.

75c803dturtleli1 week,6 days ago

cdvdgigaherz:windows: Refactor to use early returns

5c158b4turtleli1 week,6 days ago

cdvdgigaherz:windows: Avoid unneeded DVD ioctls

- it's not necessary to obtain an Authentication Grant ID (AGID) before
requesting the DVD physical format layer descriptor.

85c59fdlightningterror1 week,6 days ago

GSdx: Adjust DBZ BT2 CRC hack and id, add R&C3 EU to Automatic Mipmap.

Adjust region id for BT2.
Move the sky texture(depth) hack back to Partial level only for the EU
regions. Effect is still not rendered correctly and causes a half
screen bottom issue.

Add R&C3 EU to Automatic Mipmapping.

86a8cbflightningterror1 week,6 days ago

GSdx: Change Skipdraw Maximum limit value.

Previously the limit was 1000, now 10000 in the GUI. It should help in
some rare cases where a higher number is needed without the need of ini
editing and value reset issues caused by the GUI.

94b822dMrCK11 week,6 days ago

Resolve cases where GUI values are not updated when adjusting sliders with the scroll wheel.

a5db116MrCK11 week,6 days ago

Remove unused 'About Box' references on Linux and Windows from SPU2-X/CMakeLists, ect.

1684022MrCK11 week,6 days ago

Make GUI more user-friendly by disabling some options when they aren't used.

af74a75FlatOutPS21 week,6 days ago

Plugins: Move Xpad and USBqemu plugins to old plugins solution

The XPad plugin has been superseded by the LilyPad plugin, and is known
to cause control issues.

The USBqemu plugin is an dead plugin with no functionality.

Close #106
Close #2293

27c45fcviciousShadow2 weeks,18 hours ago

pcsx2: Fix copy bytes patch command

This adjusts the copy bytes command format from
5aaaaaaa nnnnnnnn
00000000 bbbbbbbb
5aaaaaaa nnnnnnnn
bbbbbbbb 00000000
so that it matches the copy bytes command format used by PS2 cheat
devices (GS/CB/XP/AR2).

8600adaFlatOutPS22 weeks,2 days ago

PCSX2: Avoid SYSTEM.CNF error message in PSX mode (#2286)

Avoid error on non-empty last line of file.

081676bbositman2 weeks,3 days ago

Merge pull request #2276 from altiereslima/master

Portuguese-BR translation update

ab44ebdlightningterror3 weeks,1 day ago

PCSX2: Add configurable Cheats folder to Components Selectors.

Add GUI option to Plugins Components Selectors to change the default
"Cheats" folder location. Similar to savestates/logs/..etc.

eeca9f6turtleli3 weeks,1 day ago

cdvd: Fix writing of CD blockdumps

Write the full CD sector (not including subchannels) to a blockdump
instead of just a partial CD sector that isn't offset correctly.


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