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Here you can find the latest PCSX2 Git revisions and their respective changelogs. The downloads are courtesy of Orphis' build bot, which he provides totally free of charge Smile Thanks Orphis!
You can click on the revision number to check out the git revision page and the download button to get them (you will be redirected to Orphis' page). The top revision is the latest,which means it includes all changes from all previous ones.
You need to install the Visual C++ 2015 redist to run these builds.

Revision Author Age Changelog Download
6905d4dlightningterror11 hours,14 minutes ago

x86emitter: Purge empty file sse_helpers.h.

Code was removed in
Right now it's useless.
Update VS/cmake project files to remove any mentions of the file as

cc2fda6lightningterror17 hours,53 minutes ago

gsdx-gui: Add hotkey nametags to some options that have hotkey support already.

c0a47c2lightningterror1 day,2 hours ago

Lilypad: Don't toggle width and heigh for Inputs window with Show/hide Special Inputs button.

Use a fixed size instead. It will avoid DPI scaling issues.
Also adjust the Special Inputs buttons height position so that the
window height remains a reasonable size.

bcba259lightningterror1 day,4 hours ago

Lilypad: Partially revert #2832

DPI scaling doesn't work for the window resize so it made things worse.
Maybe once that is fixed this code can be reverted back again.

31d9544gregory385 days,3 hours ago

gsdx device: use same target for fxaa/shaderboost/shaderfx

It avoid to waste VRAM memory

45dfb0dgregory385 days,3 hours ago

gsdx device: use generic resize texture function

V2: add missing size for merge and interlace

90e38f6lightningterror5 days,9 hours ago

onepad/onepad legacy: Remove Windows placeholder dirs.

They are useless.

ea6f9aclightningterror5 days,9 hours ago

spu2-x-gui: Reduce window height.

Should help low res monitors.

a130fcalightningterror5 days,9 hours ago

gsdx-gui: Adjust some button positioning and window width.


119ab90lightningterror5 days,10 hours ago

gsdx: Reuse same selected renderer image/banner for ps1 emu compatibility as ps2.

There's no need to have duplicate images that basically do the same
thing. Update the gui to reflect latest changes and use the same images
on both. It will reduce plugin size.
Remove old images and update VS project files.

5a4541flightningterror5 days,11 hours ago

gsdx: Adjust/cleanup ini options.

Opencl device, Alpha, Alpha stencil are windows only options so no need
to clutter ini on linux with useless stuff.

12b622clightningterror5 days,12 hours ago

gsdx: Cleanup/update Wild Arms offset hack.

Don't use integer for the variable, option has only on and off states.
Use member variable names and adjust some checks.

19586fdlightningterror1 week,4 hours ago

gsdx: Move GSTexturecache files from Common to HW renderer.

ca002c5lightningterror1 week,2 days ago

GSdx: Adjust Burnout crc hacks to work on multiplayer mode as well.

Yellow stripes crc hack.
Note: Only Takedown was tested but other games should work as well.

c898c13lightningterror1 week,2 days ago

lilypad: Some tweaks and fixes.

Hide all ps1 emu options instead of disable. Some options still got
enabled when they shouldn't have so just hide everything. This way we
avoid adding extra code, plus the gui looks cleaner.

Disable ini read/write for Analog ps1 mode, the feature was accidentaly
enabled for pcsx2. By looking at the code it should only be enabled for
ps1 combatibility mode. Also hide the option for pcsx2 as well.

Move around some of the hacks and advanced options to reflect the recent

7406e13lightningterror1 week,2 days ago

gsdx-egl: Also do the same for egl pointer logs.

cc6ac65lightningterror1 week,2 days ago

gsdx-ogl: Enable function pointer support logs only when "debug_opengl" is enabled in the ini.

They are mostly for debugging driver issues so regular users don't
actually need to see them most of the time.

6e49139lightningterror1 week,2 days ago

[skip ci] gsdumpgui: Auto select first GSdx dll on the list upon program launch.

46b70a7lightningterror1 week,2 days ago

[skip ci] gsdumpgui: Allow to open ini file even when no gsdx dll is selected.

ini file is already shared between dlls (previous commit) so there's no
need for verification anymore.

8c6e4cdlightningterror1 week,2 days ago

[skip ci] gsdumpgui: Update code to share only one gsdx config for all dlls.


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