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Here you can find the latest PCSX2 Git revisions and their respective changelogs. The downloads are courtesy of Orphis' build bot, which he provides totally free of charge Smile Thanks Orphis!
You can click on the revision number to check out the git revision page and the download button to get them (you will be redirected to Orphis' page). The top revision is the latest,which means it includes all changes from all previous ones.
You need to install the Visual C++ 2015 redist to run these builds.

Revision Author Age Changelog Download
24b83fdFlatOutPS22 days,23 hours ago

PCSX2: Memory card minor code improvements

- Adds tooltip for Convert memory card button in the memory card dialog
- Updates several memory card console writes.
- Adds 2018 copyrights to the updated files

c749f96FlatOutPS22 days,23 hours ago

PCSX2: Add keyboard shortcuts to memory card dialog right-click menu

1ad6fd8FlatOutPS22 days,23 hours ago

PCSX2: Update PSX memory card file extension

Changes the file extension used by PSX memory cards to the common .mcr
instead of using the same (.ps2) extension used by PS2 memory cards.

Updates the extension listed in Create memory card dialog when a PSX or
PS2 memory card is selected.

f8e2c65FlatOutPS22 days,23 hours ago

PCSX2: Replace PSX memory card checkbox

Replaces the awkward checkbox for a PSX memory card in the bottom left
of the Create Memory Card dialog with a radio button like the other
memory card types.

acc9530lightningterror3 days,30 minutes ago

GSDumpGUI: Update the GUI interface

Rearranged/updated many GUI elements.
Reduce height of window to make it more appealing for laptop users.
Add OpenGL HW/SW options to Renderer Override.

[skip ci]

039d035lightningterror3 days,30 minutes ago

gsdumpgui: s/GSDX/GSdx/

8fff11fturtleli3 days,30 minutes ago

gsdumpgui: Improve renderer override handling

Instead of faffing around with strings and having to handle a lot of
edge cases when trying to override the renderer, just let
WritePrivateProfileString do all the hard work for us instead.

fad0a2aturtleli3 days,1 hour ago

cmake: Remove old macro substitution workaround

The workaround was used to prevent macro substitution occuring on paths
containing "linux", but it's no longer necessary since "linux" is not
set as a predefined macro when a "-std=" option is passed to gcc.

Fixes #2268.

43d0bd9rkubes1 week,20 hours ago

Enhance "Assemble Opcode" to be pre-populated by existing instruction. (#2244)

4aa25c4lightningterror1 week,1 day ago

GSdx: Disable Merge Sprite on native resolution.

Previously if HW hacks were enabled Merge Sprite was active(if checked) on
native resolution even if the GUI option was disabled, which in result
caused glitches in games on native resolution.

This should address that issue.

5d61f65refractionpcsx21 week,2 days ago

Merge pull request #2264 from FlatOutPS2/SPU2

SPU2-X: Prevent volume check from altering volume

57cbc90FlatOutPS21 week,2 days ago

SPU2-X: Prevent volume check from altering volume

Fixes issue in Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero where checking the left master
volume would alter it.

fe27d3bFlatOutPS21 week,2 days ago

GSdx: Add Dark Cloud CRCs to automatic mipmapping

9dc7930lightningterror1 week,2 days ago

GSdx: Merge CRC hacks of Wild Arms 4 and 5

It's better to avoid duplicate code so let's merge these two together
as well.

49cd6bcorbea1 week,4 days ago

cmake: Don't print a git describe error with shallow clones.

fbdd0f4lightningterror1 week,4 days ago

GSdx: Remove/move/merge CRC hacks.

Remove Aggressive CRC hacks for SSX 3. Was used to remove the red lines
on older versions but no longer needed since the issue has been fixed.
Offered 1fps or less speed bump but it's not worth keeping for such a
minimal increase.

Merge all FFX CRC hacks in to one. They share the same code so it's
better to have one to avoid duplicate code.

Move CRC hack for Bleach Blade Battlers to Aggressive. It removes the
character shading. It can be used as a speed hack since the gains are
quite good from it. Around 15-30%.

29ef586lightningterror1 week,5 days ago

GSdx: Move CRC hacks for Soul Calibur 2&3 to DX level.

Add missing CRC ids for Soul Calibur 2 and 3.
Move CRC hacks to DX level. They are not needed anymore on OpenGL since
Depth Emulation fixes depth issues (shadows).

36a1c7assakash2 weeks,14 hours ago

PCSX2-WX: Display the video mode on titlebar

I found it might be useful for looking into issues at certain cases
where users provide a screenshot covering the titlebar, so we can easily
identify which video mode is being used.

Especially useful for looking into PCRTC issues.

e0ec8b3turtleli2 weeks,15 hours ago

iop: Fix booting ELF files on a different drive

Fixes a regression introduced in b3b1f3ac685da28030993e70ae6433175060d57e,
where ELF files on a different drive to PCSX2 would fail to load.

8542468rkubes2 weeks,1 day ago

Fix mouse click focus in debugger near functions ending in a branch. (#2250)

This code updates the DisassemblyFunction objects to only include Delay Slots when they are within the bounds of the function.


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