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Here you can find the latest PCSX2 Git revisions and their respective changelogs. The downloads are courtesy of Orphis' build bot, which he provides totally free of charge Smile Thanks Orphis!
You can click on the revision number to check out the git revision page and the download button to get them (you will be redirected to Orphis' page). The top revision is the latest,which means it includes all changes from all previous ones.
You need to install the Visual C++ 2015 redist to run these builds.

Revision Author Age Changelog Download
c8c9731lightningterror1 day,27 minutes ago

GSdx: Update D3D fbmask emulation on texture shuffle.

Improves accuracy on Sly series.

Rendering is still bad and needs a lot more work but
it's a little bit better.

0f5d3d2lightningterror2 days,23 hours ago

GSdx: Add Sly 3 demos crc ids.

Regular Demo US,
E3 Demo US.

011cd90MrCK16 days,10 hours ago

GameDB: Add vuClampMode hack/remove eeClampMode hack for Pac-Man World Rally. Fixes bad geometry. This also replaces the EEClampMode hack in the NTSC-U release which didn't appear to do anything.

f99711cRyudo3001 week,1 day ago

PCSX2-GUI: 'About' Logo

Updated the About page's logo to match our current logo.

630177eRyudo3001 week,2 days ago


BackgroundLogo update, also in preparation for use in other places. Used zopflipng to compress the file.

28fd47dMrCK11 week,3 days ago

Add missing names to About Box, removed duplicate, misc. formatting

2c11acfMrCK11 week,3 days ago

GameDB: Add vuClampMode hack to Katamari/SkipMPEGHack to Arctic Thunder.

230a497lightningterror1 week,3 days ago

GSdx-TC: Don't skip depth lookup on Jackie Chan Adv and SVC Chaos.

Don't skip draw calls on Jackie Chan Adv and SVC Chaos,
fixes regressions on Jackie Chan Adv and SVC Chaos.

Gregory: The correct fix would be to trace all textures writes to
be sure of the source. But it is a much bigger work.

6073a26lightningterror1 week,3 days ago

GSdx: Add some missing crc ids.

Add SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom EU/JP,
Add Jackie Chan Adventures EU.

b622474lightningterror1 week,3 days ago

Update widescreen patches/cheats.

This syncs the widescreen patches archive with Devina's
archive from 22.02.2018.

Compared to the previous content of
- 4 files deleted 9C4BA2CE, 113035B9E, C565E79E and duplicate 1429EB9F (2)
- 142 files modified
- 760 new files
- 2294 files identical to before
- 28 files that were removed from the forum archive that contained hunting/fishing
games have been re added. Separate archive provied by FlatOut.

The zip now has a total of 3200 patch files, compared to 2440 before.

7zip with the Ultra compression method was used to compress the archive.

834cd08TotalCaesar6591 week,5 days ago

Updated Russian translation (#2377)

Updated Russian translation

0e32934lightningterror2 weeks,3 hours ago

PCSX2: Update gamefix tooltip.

Remove mention of Crash Tag Team Racing from VU I bit gamefix tooltip.
Not needed since the gamefix has been removed for the game as it causes
more issues.

e27ef3clightningterror2 weeks,1 day ago

GameDB: Revert Crash Tag Team Racing gamefix.

Revert ScarfaceIbitHack Gamefix.
Regression was introduced in #2326.
Caused hard freezes making the game unplayable and required an emulator
restart without gamefixes enabled.
Without the fix the game experiences short freezes but the game is still

1292cd5MrCK12 weeks,4 days ago

GameDB: Add XgKickHack for Crash Twinsanity (NTSC-U)

0e39caalightningterror3 weeks,1 day ago

GSdx: Adjust Naruto series crc hacks

Purge CRC hacks that removed lighting on maps.
Games: Naruto - Narutimate Hero 3,
Naruto Shippuuden: Narutimate Accel.

b6a73f6lightningterror3 weeks,2 days ago

Gsdx: Add some missing crc ids.

Tenchu Fatal Shadows US,
God Hand EU,
The Getaway EU,
The Getaway Black Monday EU.

4cb164blightningterror3 weeks,2 days ago

GSdx: Adjust CRC hacks.

Purge Sengoku Basara crc hacks. Texture shuffle is emulated correctly on
d3d11/ogl. d3d9 skips the bad draw call.

Move Eternal Poison crc hack to d3d level. Not needed on ogl since
the game is emulated correctly.

Move hack that removes texture shuffle for Demon Stoneback back to ogl level,
half screen bottom issue remains.

Extent CRC hack for The Getaway and The Getaway Black Monday to work on
EU regions.

ee3038cFlatOutPS23 weeks,4 days ago

SPU2-X: Fix UI regression

Fixes regression. Audio Expansion Mode was no longer available in the UI when using XAudio2 on Windows versions before 8.

efc1274lightningterror4 weeks,1 day ago

GameDB: Add Quake 3 Revolution patch.

Removes intro and end credits FMVs.
Fixes hanging caused by FMVs.[skip ci]

014e27blightningterror4 weeks,1 day ago

GSdx: Add Quak3 Revolution to Automatic mipmapping.


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