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Here you can find the latest PCSX2 Git revisions and their respective changelogs. The downloads are courtesy of Orphis' build bot, which he provides totally free of charge Smile Thanks Orphis!
You can click on the revision number to check out the git revision page and the download button to get them (you will be redirected to Orphis' page). The top revision is the latest,which means it includes all changes from all previous ones.
You need to install the Visual C++ 2015 redist to run these builds.

Revision Author Age Changelog Download
7156724MonJamp1 day,10 hours ago

Update gitignore (#3538) is generated when building
GSdx debug files are created when running

f7d84c4tellowkrinkle1 day,10 hours ago

pcsx2: Fix a few crashes in macOS. (#3424)

* Fix crash on shutdown in macOS

* Fix crashing in ISO list on macOS

* Use MAP_FIXED on linux too
It works as expected and has no race conditions.

c23f3beRedDevilus1 day,14 hours ago

pcsx2-gui: Modern Dark Themed Console v2.Replaces old dark mode with modern dark mode to the console.
Darker than dark (#3446)

257f8b1RedDevilus2 days,11 hours ago

pcsx2-gui: Modern Dark Themed Console. (3446)

Replaces old dark mode with modern dark mode to the console.

e0037fftadanokojin3 days,11 hours ago

gsdx-d3d11: remove legacy d3dcompiler code

1a1a338RedPanda45523 days,15 hours ago

GameDB: Add Xenosaga save point crash patch (#3418)

210336dtadanokojin6 days,12 hours ago

gsdx-d3d11: Modernize swapchain and device creation

Updates the d3d device and swapchain creation to more modern methods.

- Use CreateDXGIFactory2 to create the factory and store in member
- Use CreateSwapChainForHwnd
- Add messages for failures to the console
- Some general formatting improvements

91e7c5bMrlinkwii1 week,2 days ago

gamedb: Add The Ultimate World Cup Quiz. (#3522)

6afee4aarcum421 week,3 days ago

Don't call PressButton if the key pressed isn't in the index.

b45e524lightningterror1 week,3 days ago

gsdx-d3d11: SetupIA, allow sprite conversion to be done on the cpu on d3d hw renderer when applicable.

Convert sprites on the cpu instead of the gpu when applicable. Port from

Lines: GPU conversion.
Triangles: CPU conversion.

Disable Geometry shader when conversion is done on the cpu.

7d35892RedDevilus1 week,5 days ago

GameDB: Add EETimingHack gamefix to Yakuza.

(#2774) Fixes flickering.

4102489RedDevilus2 weeks,17 hours ago

onepad: Add Alienware controller

Fixes #3505

c7bc1c2lightningterror2 weeks,1 day ago

gsdx-gui: Limit spin buttons input properly.

v1 It won't allow users to try to input a value that isn't supported
osd (size, timeout, max), tc offsets (x, y), rendering threads.

v2 Use const if applicable for variables throughout
GSSettingsDlg.cpp. Will cleanup some warnings.

711314dRedDevilus2 weeks,2 days ago

GameDB: Add EETimingHack gamefix to King of Colosseum Green. (#3493)

Fixes hang on opening.

be1c97aFlorin9doi2 weeks,2 days ago

Mpeg.cpp/h indentation

3119e0aarcum422 weeks,3 days ago

Rewrite the spu2-x dialog on Linux in wxwidgets. (#3454)

a2c62c3lightningterror2 weeks,3 days ago

gsdx-hw: Remove Itadaki Street hw hack.

The hack didn't properly work and it is a core issue.

0f1cbe7Mrlinkwii2 weeks,3 days ago

SPR spacing cleanup (#3499)

Correct spacing in SPR.cpp

3269c58lightningterror2 weeks,5 days ago

gsdx-hw: Improve detection of Texture Shuffle effect.

DMC3, Onimusha 3 rely on this behavior.
They do fullscreen rectangle with scissor, then shift by 8 pixels, not done with recursion.
So we check if it's a TS effect by checking the scissor value.

Credits to Kojin for figuring out the issue.

cc3c5a8lightningterror2 weeks,5 days ago

gsdx-hw: Remove Onimusha3 and DevilMayCry3 crc hacks.

Next commit will allow to render the effects properly.


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