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Here you can find the latest PCSX2 Git revisions and their respective changelogs. The downloads are courtesy of Orphis' build bot, which he provides totally free of charge Smile Thanks Orphis!
You can click on the revision number to check out the git revision page and the download button to get them (you will be redirected to Orphis' page). The top revision is the latest,which means it includes all changes from all previous ones.
You need to install the Visual C++ 2015 redist to run these builds.

Revision Author Age Changelog Download
49cea77lightningterror1 day,8 hours ago

Translations: French

Update French translations.
By @atomic83GitHub

6d49bf6lightningterror1 day,8 hours ago

GSdx: Automatic HW Mipmapping option

Adds automatic HW mipmapping support.
It relies on CRC ids so if a game does
not have their CRC id but needs mipmapping
it will not work until the id is added.

Add GUI menu and tooltip for Automatic mipmap
"Automatic (Default)"
This option will be default option from now on.

Rename "Very Slow" text option to "Slow" for full mipmap
as it caused the text not to fit properly in the menu.

Credits also go to @RedPanda4552 and @ssakash for helping
with the code.

431b4f6lightningterror1 day,8 hours ago

GSdx: Rearrange HW Hacks

Rearrange the two columns of HW hacks, new arrangement
is done in alphabetical order on Windows and Linux.

Rename some hacks on Linux to match the windows version.

Some other minor tweaks as well.

ff30e15IlDucci1 day,8 hours ago

Updating Spanish translation

- Removing accents on the word "solo" (New RAE rules)
- Improving the wording on some lines.

2aea8eepgert1 day,8 hours ago

Swedish translation update

5956493MrCK12 days,10 hours ago

GSdx: Remove CRC hack for James Bond Everything or Nothing. Thes hack was used to avoid a VRAM spike, but isn't needed anymore.

3b122a11 week,7 hours ago

Add vuClampMode fix to EA Burnout titles.

b31c23blightningterror1 week,1 day ago

GSdx: Add/move CRC hacks for Street Fighter EX3

Add missing CRC ids.
Move CRC hacks to OpenGL since the effects aren't emulated properly atm.

6299d9essakash1 week,3 days ago

GSdx-Capture: Grayout configure button for codecs

The following patch grays out the configure button when there's no
configuration dialog available for the selected codec. What's the use in
clicking it when no dialog pops up? Razz (I've been tricked by it lots of

849c2f3ssakash1 week,3 days ago

GSdx-Capture: Format event commands in switch-case

Use switch-case over chained if statements for the event commands, makes
the code more readable in my opinion.

1cbd4c5lightningterror2 weeks,5 days ago

GSdx: Add CPU Frame buffer Conversion Hack

Add HW Hack that enables Framebuffer Conversion on the CPU instead of the GPU.
Can fix broken textures on games but at the cost of slower performance.
List of games: Harry Potter games, FIFA Street games.
Games like Call of Duty, Kung fu Panda might also be affected as well as others
especially on Direct3D.
Add HW Hack GUI option on Windows/Linux for 4-bit and 8-bit Framebuffer conversion hack
named "Frame Buffer Conversion".

574e0a7MrCK12 weeks,6 days ago

Update SoundTouch lib to v2.0.0

96b412eturtleli3 weeks,2 days ago

pcsx2|common|gsnull: Remove GSprintf API

It's not really used, and the OSD uses a different API.

The specified calling convention (stdcall) is also incorrect since
variadic functions are caller-clean, not callee-clean. The compilers
ignore the stdcall and just use cdecl (I think), though it does trigger
a -Wcast-calling-convention on clang.

58f2b6cturtleli1 month,1 week ago

windows: Fix Devel solution configuration

The FreeType release configurations should be used for devel solution

c783b6dssakash1 month,1 week ago

PS2-HW: Remove address of non-existent registers

It seems not all DMA channels have the same set of 32 bit registers. Removed
addresses of registers which aren't actually present in the memory

Example: Channel 0/1/2 have address stack registers but the other
channels lack it. According to documents, the remaining memory space of
the channels seems to be reserved. Which means, write access would be
disregarded and read access would return an unknown value.

Credit goes to Gregory and CK1 for notifying me about it, special mention to ssakash for actually pushing the change to github. Also I wasn't the one who introduced the non-existent registers into the code, these registers were present before under a different name.

9be61f8turtleli1 month,1 week ago

cdvdgigaherz: Fix Q subchannel relative offset calculation

The wrong comparison was used, so all the relative offsets were
completely wrong. Fixes the wrong track issue in the CD player.

Regression introduced in f314c2a4d9a0ab349c0357b692312c137e2e6ac6.

1bcb7ecturtleli1 month,1 week ago

ci: Update Travis CI and AppVeyor configurations

Travis CI:
Replace GCC4.9 64-bit with GCC7 64-bit.
Replace GCC5 32-bit with GCC7 32-bit.
Move 64-bit to top of matrix so it gets built first (ccache doesn't work
on the 64-bit build and I don't know why (it works locally), so it takes
the longest to build).

Add VS2017 build job.

7a78441RedPanda45521 month,1 week ago

Add clear list option to ISO Selector

3356c63ssakash1 month,1 week ago

PS2-HW: Fix DMA channel register addresses

The macro for address of channel 9 was wrongly having the address of
channel 8, fixed it. (Luckily MADR and QWC were unused so we should be

Thanks to Fireboyd78 for notifying us about this. (Closes #2091)

Also fixed some inconsistencies where some of the DMA channel register
addresses weren't defined for all the bitfields.

af2278cramapcsx22 months,4 days ago

Merge pull request #2067 from RedPanda4552/master

Add PSX memory card support


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