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Nightly Build Setup


  • Run the pcsx2[-avx2].exe file

Linux (AppImage)

  • You will likely have to make the AppImage file executable. There are a few ways to do this:
    • Right-click and make it executable
    • In a terminal, run chmod +x <path-to-AppImage-file>
  • You should be able to open the file like any other application.


If you see an error such as the following:

dlopen(): error loading

Then you need to install libfuse2 in order to the run the AppImage in your environment. Recent versions of Ubuntu (22.04+) have switched to libfuse3, which is not backwards compatible.

sudo apt install libfuse2

Still not Working?

Reach out in the respective help channel in the Discord

Compiling from Source

If you'd prefer to compile from source, see the following articles: