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General Plot's son (and refraction's nephew) born today

I know this has nothing to do directly with PCSX2, but I thought this occasion deserved an announcement here, as without PCSX2, this never could have been possible. I met refraction's sister nearly five years ago after knowing him for a few years. And as everyone knows, I'm married to his sister. Today his sister and I celebrated the birth of our son. A child made possible (as odd as it may seem) only by this project.

Many people look at the emulator as strictly software, and the human side of it tends to be forgotten, but this is one of those cases where it's all about the human side of it. An epic emulator that brings about the possibility of an epic life event. It's not big, but this project has rewritten the history of our lives and bring a new life into it.

As much as I love this project (always have), no amount of speed increases or bug fixes can compare to the excitement that comes with seeing my son born today. I'm sure to most people, this isn't important to them, but I wanted to share it with anyone who might be interested. Just consider this as a reminder of the human side of it.

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