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Bositman! Wooooooooo

In our spare time, some of us do little things to amuse ourselves and others, generally involving the betatesters, the devs, or generally people who come in the IRC channel.

You may have previously seen CKemu's "Betatester Magazine" issues or his comic strips involving testers and developers. Well my "party piece" is making little songs, with the help of some of our IRC chatters of course!

Bositman is well known throughout the community, so we (being myself and GB_Away) decided a while ago to make a little song in his honor, it was catchy and fun to make but i wasn't totally happy with the sound. Recently i decided to remaster the song and redo the guitar, so for your listening pleasure i have placed it online for all to be amused!

The lyrics are simple but they say enough!

"Bositman, Bositman, ooooooooooooo, Bositman, Bositman, Bositman, Bositman, BOSITMAN!, Bositman, oooooooooooooooo, Bositman, Bositman, Bositman, Bositman"

And here in nice 320kbps 48khz MP3 format, is the song, enjoy!

Edit by bositman: Dude,I told you it's not pronounced as an "s" but "z"!! Razz Razz

Refraction Feat GB_Away - Bositman.mp3

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