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The DevBlogs now allow user comments!

If you'd like to make comments or ask questions in response to a devblog entry you can now do so from the PCSX2 Public Forums. Yes, unlike some frivolous free-for-all blog with a thousand disgusting comment spams, our DevBlog requires that you must be a registered user and logged in to post.

It might not be the best system in the world, but it works well enough for our needs.

This is part of the PCSX2 Team's continuing attempt to expand the horizons of open source PS2 emulation development. There is a new dedicated developers forum on our Forums that centralizes discussions relating to PCSX2 design and development; Svn updates and announcements, Compilation issues, Cross-platform development, patch/bugfix submissions, and probably more to come.

The new forum is not meant for general bug reports or whimsical complaints. So to keep things clean and focused, new topics can only be created by forum administrators and PCSX2 developers. We will create topics relevant to the projects we're focusing on and the public can offer your input via replies. And well... we'll just see how things pan out from here... Smile

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