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Why MSI sucks...

I just spent five weeks waiting for MSI to mail me a check back for an RMA'd HD 5770. I mailed my card in on May 28th, after getting an RMA number from MSI tech support. The check showed up today on July 7th. The amount refunded naturally doesn't cover shipping costs, neither for the initial purchase or for mailing the piece of crap back to MSI. And when I consider time spent troubleshooting the GPU, dealing with tech support, packing and mailing the card back, and now shopping for a replacement (I hate shopping for GPUs, and not surprisingly, whatever I buy this time around will not be an MSI brand), I'm really feeling steamrolled.

(More gory details of the ordeal are posted here: Why MSI sucks )

In other news, we recently freed PCSX2 of the shackles of MMX an XMM register freezes. This is a godsend for Linux and Mac users, as it means PCSX2 can finally be compiled with gcc optimizations enabled and be more stable at the same time. Thusly Linux and Mac users can most likely expect some really good things in the near future.

I may do a more detailed blog on the nightmares that plagued the Linux/Mac builds for so many years, and how we went about fixing them. But for now I'm too busy trying to pick out a new HD 5770, because MSI was too cheap to send me a replacement. -_-

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