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Life is short, embrace it

· 2 min read

There are events that happen in your life that make you sit back and question your own mortality and if you are doing everything you can to appreciate what you have, events that are meant to test our humanity and remind us that our time on this earth is only temporary.

Today this reminder came in the form of our beloved team member Nobbs66 or as he was known in real life, Gavin Schulte, who on the 8th Jan 2022 woke up feeling unwell, and later went to the hospital suspecting appendicitis; This turned out to be a splenic aneurysm which ruptured and took his life despite the excellent health workers attempts to save him. Gavin was at the young age of 24 and lived by his partner Blyss Sarania; They both loved and supported each other very much, and they both became something of a love story of the forum (better than Twilight, right?), and to see it end in such a sudden and tragic way has just been heart-breaking for all of us.

Gavin was such a kind person, always liked to joke and string you along for the ride, he was our prankster but it was never malicious, he was always good by everyone and tried to do his best for everybody, but yet we have to say goodbye to one of our beloved friends in the most cruel fashion. Our hearts go out to his family and to Blyss of course, who will be suffering the most during this time, we will be there for you where we can be.

Rest in Peace, Gavin Schulte, 1997-2022