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Contriibute To PCSX2 Wiki

· 2 min read

After quite some time, I take the chance to write up this blog post about our wiki, in place of our wiki overlord and forum member ng !

Here it is:

Salutations the fair people of PCSX2 land! Did you know we have a wiki in our borders? Well, apparently we do! And for more than 5 years now this wiki is waiting for someone like y'all PCSX2 geeks to help it thrive and to be the beacon of hope for those new users who desperately seek help in the ocean of boundless Internet. But some of you didn't even suspect of its existence!

In all seriousness, 5 long years have passed for PCSX2 wiki and we could say they were mostly quiet years. We had our share of fun though, and went through many changes. For example just recently we've adopted test tables and any of you can add your own test case or in-game issue so that new users can solve their game related problems quickly and comfortably. The wiki enjoyed many good contributors during its years. These people are the ones who really built it, filled it with information and helped it to become what it is now. It's difficult to mention all of these people in this small article but to those who have contributed to the wiki over the years we have an enormous gratitude! The wiki is in your perpetual debt!

Although we have many informative game cards a huge number of lesser known games are left without any test cases, issues, images or additional info. So we appeal to all of you who has a small amount of free time and a tested (or completed) game on your hands (whether it already has some test cases or not), -- you're more than welcome to register at and add your contribution to the wiki. Besides test cases the wiki could use some updates in general articles and guides (they are quite outdated).

Last but not least, anyone with designer skills can try his hand in re-designing the main page which is pretty old and honestly was never a real looker. And generally to those who want to fill any info, complete pages, fix errors, re-phrase sentences and do stuff, your help is sincerely appreciated!