Progress flood

Authored By:  Bositman

A lot is going on behind the scenes these days so without further ado here’s our news:

  • PCSX2 has a brand new GUI in development! We will be using wxWidgets for cross-platform compatibility and speedier dev cycles. However it won’t be ready for beta for some time. For further info read the blog titled Measuring the Benefits of wxWidgets
  • A Final beta has been released using the current PCSX2 GUI. It has tons of improvements over the old one, mainly on microVU which is now almost complete. Get it from our downloads section.
  • First time we release a Linux beta, courtesy of Arcum42 , found in the above link as well.
  • Blog posts now allow user comments in our forum! Discussions surrounding the development part of PCSX2 are going strong in the new forum
  • Major work on the site even if you can’t see it. New Guide page, updated About, updated Contact, all pages XHTML valid, Compatibility list filter/go button fixed and cross-browser compatibility.
  • New, extremely detailed Compile Wiki, courtesy of n1ckn4m3 .
  • New forum plugins, added recaptcha 2 for spam protection, auto image resizing,users browsing thread and favorite icon. Fixes for the Dark theme, which should now look perfect in all browsers

As development of the new GUI is currently under way, the trunk of our SVN will have a very alpha PCSX2 which you should only use for testing or just out of curiosity. For a bleeding edge usable PCSX2 for the time being use the last released beta.

That’s all for now!