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PCSX2 PG And Official PCSX2 Teams Merge!

ยท One min read

This has been considered for a long time and after the two teams met,we have come to a merge ๐Ÿ˜Š The new talented coders have already done great work on the emulator and will now be joined by the old PCSX2 team for an even better coding team!

This means that:

  1. The PCSX2 - Playground project will be renamed and will from now on be the official PCSX2 project

  2. The whole PCSX2 - Playground team will be added to the existing official PCSX2 team

  3. The next PCSX2 release will replace the 0.9.4 version and the 0.9.5 beta which we provide will be replaced by new betas after the new release.This means that the current PCSX2-Playground build will not be provided as a download (since it will actually be an older version of the released PCSX2)

  4. Our forum structure will be re-organized to match these changes after a new release has been made ๐Ÿ˜Š

On other news,we now host the PCSX2 Mac port made by Zedr0n in our forums here. Head there for the latest compiled build and try it on your Mac!

Many plugin updates, as usual grab them from our downloads section!