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· 55 min read

"Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your controllers and prepare for an exciting journey as we unveil our first progress report of the year for last year!? After a seemingly endless delay, we're back and ready to take you through the crossroads of progress. We've said goodbye to the creaky and outdated WX-widgets GUI toolkit and hello to the sleek and shiny Qt GUI. It's like upgrading from a horse-drawn carriage to a sports car, or a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.

  • Please note that at this time it wasn't available as a build on the site until the next quarter of 2022. But the more hardcore users of PCSX2 could get the artifacts on GitHub if logged in.

· 36 min read

Looks at the date and notices something. Yes, my dear readers (or glancers) Q1 2022 should've been published 2 months ago and this is the predecessor to that. Sorry for the delay but there have been several reasons to this almost half year delay. Some of those reasons being the process of making the progress reports:

· 2 min read

There are events that happen in your life that make you sit back and question your own mortality and if you are doing everything you can to appreciate what you have, events that are meant to test our humanity and remind us that our time on this earth is only temporary.

· 4 min read

An exciting bit of news! As you have probably seen by now, there is a new Android emulator in town called AetherSX2, which shows to have very promising performance and compatibility. While the latter is due to it being based on an LGPL licensed emulator for PC (that's us!), the former is due to the clever work of the developer Tahlreth.