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Since its summer time and nothing much goes on these days (yes the devs and testers also have lives!) I thought I'd entertain you with some videos I recorded, showing off some of the new fixes in 0.9.4.

First and foremost, you'll notice perfect sound in both Dynasty Warriors 4 Xtreme Legends and Fullmetal Alchemist 2 videos! Also, Fullmetal Alchemist 2 did not even boot in 0.9.3 but with the SPU2 fixes in 0.9.4 the game looks playable and I've already reached Chapter 2 with no problems at all.Note that the videos were taken using Bilinear filtering and 4X AA and are sped up to 100% speed although they did run pretty near that thanks to the new ZeroGS!

About progress I'll just say there are some new plugins in development which have only seen null versions of until now, zeroGS 16:9 support and the new bios format getting implemented (still not complete)

All three videos were recorded using the XVID codec, so you'll need that to play them back.
Also you'll need a bittorent client such as uTorrent to download the videos!

Here they are:
Dynasty Warriors 4 Xtreme Legends
Fullmetal Alchemist 2

Please seed for as long as possible! Oh and have some nice summer vacations Smile


Okay, they aren't new, they have been on NGemu a while, but they have been getting some good support from the community and i felt they needed adding to the official site!!

Due to the hard work of Rebel_X and ChickenLiver from the PCSX2 forums, we are proud to present LilyPad and TwinPad plugins, which both allow keyboard users to have full use of the analog sticks! I'm sure you will enjoy them as much as the forum users have.

Head over to the Plugin Download section to get them now!


Recently PCSX2 has made its second appearance in the Italian magazine - The Games Machine. It's great to see PCSX2 getting mention in publications, and we thought we'd share the article with you!

If you can read Italian, you can click on the thumbnail to the left and read it yourself, for those of you who can't read Italian, a rough translation is below (Made by a friend of the PCSX2 team!):

"Some time ago we talked about PS2 emulation and we mentioned that PCSX2 had made a lot of progress, but that it was still impossible to "play".

Things have changed a lot and now PCSX2, that is the result of more than 2 years of developing, is the only emulator that can emulate the PS2 in a good way. The hardware requirements are very high, we are talking about an Intel E6600 or an equivalent AMD, 1 GB of ram and a video card with full support of Pixel Shader 2.0.

The requirements are very high but not absurd if you are thinking a bout an upgrade to Windows Vista. PCSX2, the latest release 0.9.2, is based on some plugins which emulate the functions of PCSX2.

On the official site of the project ( you can find a very complete guide to the use of the emu. Personally, I can recommend you the new ZeroGS 0.96.0 (a video plugin). It's a plugin which works very well only with newer graphics cards. There are specific plugins just for audio,controller, USB and for Firewire emulation. There are also a lot of CDVD plugins.

If you want to use PCSX2 you must have a "real ps2" and its bios. You can obtain it dumping it from your ps2 (any other way is against the law).

PCSX2 is compatible with a lot of famous games like: GTA San Andreas, Devil May Cry 3, Final Fantasy X... The framerate is very low on a lot of PC's but buying a very powerful pc, the framerate problem is going to end in the coming months.

At the end PCSX2 is a very good product and it'll have for sure an evolution thanks to the hardware evolution."



Florin has just released BIOS Dumper v2.0 which you can grab from our Downloads>Tools Section here.

This program will dump the PS2 BIOS, DVD Player ROM, NVM etc from your PlayStation 2 via a 'host' enabled connection.

PCSX2 0.9.4 will be using the new format BIOS (*.p2b) created by BIOS Dumper v2.0, as it dumps a more "complete" copy of the BIOS. It is highly recommended that you redump your BIOS to get a more complete dump and thus enable PCSX2 to more accurately emulate the PlayStation 2 Smile

You won't need to throw away your old BIOS files, as a convertor will be released in the future to convert the older format to P2B. Conversion is no substitute for a redump as converted BIOS's will not contain the new information dumped from BIOS Dumper v2.0.

The source code for this tool will be made available shortly on For now grab the tools here and get dumping! Razz

EDIT: If you have downloaded before 30d 6m 2007y @ 20:11 GMT+0, or are having problems making the p2b file, please redownload the files provided, as they have been updated!


Refraction, what have you done? You've changed history. You've created a Time Paradox!

Real Time Clock (RTC) has been recently implemented by Refraction. PCSX2 now takes the current system time from your OS and inserts the value into PCSX2 upon launch, from that point onwards the emulated RTC counts independently from the OS.

So? you wonder, well apart from the BIOS now displaying the correct time and date - you would think this is a minor addition to PCSX2, nothing more than an addition to authenticity? Well you're in for a surprise!

It struck me when talking to Refraction over a cup of coffee, Metal Gear Solid 3 uses system time for various fun aspects of the game - Such as being able to kill The End from old age if you set the RTC 1 year ahead after saving during the battle.

Metal Gear Solid 3 had never done anything under PCSX2, so with the RTC addition to PCSX2 in mind, I popped the disc into my drive, and eureka it booted!! This however was only the beginning of an epic saga between Zerofrog and the Konami programmers!

Zerofrog has spent days wrestling with Konami's ability to push the PS2 hardware to its limits by making zeroGS KOSMOS push the limits of GPU's, Metal Gear Solid 3 certainly loves its post processing! Not only has he managed to get the game looking ..well from absolute garbage to gorgeous, he's also managed to stop Snake from slipping through holes in the universe instantly.

The game still has issues, Snake still manages to find holes in the universe (falls through geometry), and he still likes to get stuck inside trees, rocks or just teleport off the edge of the world (the video demonstrates the latter beautifully!). The game also still suffers from visual issues, such as missing textures and the specular lighting overlay being drawn wrong, hopefully by the time the next incarnation of PCSX2 comes out, these issues will be mostly resolved.

So to celebrate this game going from nothing to ingame and the challenges it threw at us, we're releasing a video and 63 shots! Not all 63 are here though, General Emulation run by our betatester General Plot has 31 exclusive shots, so head there for the rest!

All this maybe great news (especially for MGS fans), but there is more, you may have noticed the nothing status games have been decreasing steadily and the playable count is going up on our on site compatibility list, including some rather nice games...and there is a new plugin coming up...but you'll have to wait! Wink

Now enjoy the video which you can grab from here (it's a torrent so please seed, and check out our other torrented videos here)

Click on the thumbnails below to see larger versions of each image, and head over to General Emulation for the rest!

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