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The Logo Contest has been closed and the final round of voting is in progress. The winner of the contest will be announced here when voting has completed. Smile

Again we want to thank everyone who submitted logos for the contest. The contest turned out to be a huge success. There were a lot of really great entries to pick from, and the next release of PCSX2 is sure to look great.


As many people that actively check our SVN know, we are in the process of a completely new cross-platform GUI for PCSX2.
But it would be quite dull to have a new GUI without a new logo, so we decided a fun thing to do would be to have a logo designing contest where people can show us their skills, and make the next official logo for PCSX2!

The contest rules are simple:
- Due by June 5th, 2009, but users can submit entries early in the PCSX2 Logo Design Entries thread.
- The contest is free for anyone to enter, including people affiliated with the project.
- You may enter as many entries as you like (though only one entry will be chosen.)
- Winner will get their logo in our next release, and will be credited for their logo in our "about dialog."
- Winner will be decided by PCSX2 team (in the event that the PCSX2 team likes our current logo better than the entries, we will have no winner)

Logo restrictions:
- Logo must contain the word 'PCSX2' (font/format/color is up to the designer)
- Logo should be of reasonable size (our current logo is 380x180px, so size should be roughly similar)
- Logo entry can be a modification of our current logo.
- Logo should be submitted as a .png file.
- You may submit an optional 64x64px Icon with your logo to be used as PCSX2's new icon (also should be a .png file).
- All entries will be released under a Creative Commons license.
- No copyrighted images may be used in the entries.

Tip for Icons:
* Icons should be 64x64, but must look good at 32x32 and 16x16. Explained:

Typically users will see 32x32 or 16x16 versions of icons (these are shown in start menu, quick launch, etc). So for a 64x64 icon to be usable it must scale well to 32x32 or 16x16. Alternatively you can prepare an entire icon package, with special versions of an icon at each size: 64x64, 48x48, 32x32, and 16x16. This way you can ensure icons look as intended at each size.

So good luck! Smile You can post your application in this thread HERE

On other news,the PCSX2 guide has been fully updated for 0.9.6. So now it's the best time if someone wants to translate it to another language. You can submit your application in this thread HERE if the spot for that language is still open Smile


After nearly 16 months, here comes a new Pcsx2 version. Pcsx2 0.9.6

These months were somewhat problematic for pcsx2, due to an initial slowdown of the development process. Then, last fall, the Playground branch was created, and development picked up again. Finally, with the merge of Pcsx2 and Pcsx2 playground, the emulator's development returned once again as it was before, and now we can give you a release which should (we hope!) leave you happy.

We would like to thank everyone that was still waiting for a release, and coming to our forums. We would also like to thank everyone to encouraged and otherwise supported us. This release is especially for you.

Important note: you NEED to update DirectX or you won't be able to use the emulator! You can do it with either of the links below:
THIS --- DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer
or THIS --- DirectX End-User Runtimes (March 2009)

What's new in 0.9.6?

- Huge rewrite, mainly from the new members of the Playground branch! Too many speedups, optimizations and other fixes to write here! Many famous games will now work.
- Dropped VM build replaced by the all new Vtlb, meaning no more 'Cannot allocate memory' errors at start up, more accurate emulation, slightly lower speeds but with many optimizations to come
- Full memcard support, working in all games
- Improved Frameskip/VU-skip
- Special Game Fixes Section
- Advanced Options Section for custom tweaking VU/FPU behavior.
- Rewritten Multithreaded GS (MTGS) mode, with as much as 15% speedup for HT machines (only 3-5% for Dual Core), and fixes many instabilities.
- Improved VU/FPU Flags and Clamping support (helps fix odd behaviors and SPS in some games)
- Improved EE/IOP synchronization (fixes many freeze-ups and vmhacks).
- Improved CDVD support.

The older versions will NOT be supported in our forums,so 0.9.4,0.9.5 and playground are not supported anymore Smile
Digg the news by clicking HERE!

Grab the 0.9.6 installer: HERE (3.8mb, msi format), or use a mirror listed below if is slow.
For the 7zip alternate package (2.5mb), Linux binaries, and source code packages check our downloads page HERE.
Additional download mirrors kindly provided by: GoogleCode and EmuDev


This has been considered for a long time and after the two teams met,we have come to a merge Smile The new talented coders have already done great work on the emulator and will now be joined by the old PCSX2 team for an even better coding team!

This means that:

1)The PCSX2 - Playground project will be renamed and will from now on be the official PCSX2 project

2)The whole PCSX2 - Playground team will be added to the existing official PCSX2 team

3)The next PCSX2 release will replace the 0.9.4 version and the 0.9.5 beta which we provide will be replaced by new betas after the new release.This means that the current PCSX2-Playground build will not be provided as a download (since it will actually be an older version of the released PCSX2)

4)Our forum structure will be re-organized to match these changes after a new release has been made Smile

On other news,we now host the PCSX2 Mac port made by Zedr0n in our forums here. Head there for the latest compiled build and try it on your Mac!

Many plugin updates,as usual grab them from our downloads section!


After a really long period of silence, we're back with a bang!

Today we are announcing the release of PCSX2 Playground 1.0.0395

Born as a 'playground' test-bed for PCSX2 modifications and code, the Playground project evolved into much more, over a period of about 4 months.
Created by Air (aka Jake Stine), arcum42, cottonvibes, drkIIRaziel, rama and tested by Krakatos, the team would like to thank:

- Thanks to the original PCSX2 development team, to the betatesters and to everyone that helped them. Without their work, PCSX2 would not exist, and neither would the Playground project!
- Thanks to the PCSX2 team once more for graciously hosting our forums.
- Thanks to the PCSX2 team once again for providing hosting space Smile
- Thanks to Gigaherz for the render used in the playground logo
- Thanks to all the people who tried the various Playground revisions over these months, providing us with helpful feedback
- Thanks to everyone else who supported Playground, without you all this would have not been possible!

The PCSX2 team decided to support this project by having the official beta testers also test it and hosting their binary and forum, since they've been doing some great job Smile
You can grab the new binary which includes a plugin pack (and a heavily modified SPU2Ghz for your sound pleasure!) in our download section here
For more information,check the dedicated forum here

Also,today we open our new official forums, hosted right here at Smile We would like to thank Bobbi and the NGemu network for hosting our forums for so long!
Our new forum is totally dedicated to PCSX2 and has sections for the official release,the public beta, plugins and the playground build Smile
We hope you enjoy it, you can visit by clicking here

Note: Your verification mail might end up in junk mail, please check there!
Note2: We moved our official SVN repository from sourceforge to google code:

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