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Tomorrow we will be working on the server which means that there will be some downtime. We're planning to change our OS and upgrading some software.

There isn't an exact timeline but probably around noon we will start creating some backups and in the afternoon start with installing the OS. If no problems occur, we should be back sometime in the evening (CET).

- Falc.

update (22/02/2011)
- Site and forums should be back up!

update (23/02/2011)
- Apologies for the downtime of today. We had to solve some issues regarding the database and forums. The problem has been fixed which should result in faster page loading on the forums (especially the General Discussion section).

p.s. Don't forget to thank Jake Stine (Air) for his contribution to the PCSX2 project!

Jake Stine_avatar

Jake Stine (Air) has retired from PCSX2, after more than two years of vigorous work on the emulator.

My reason for leaving is simple: I am now married and am taking a job that promises to be interesting and challenging, and will be paying me quite well -- and I fully intend to apply myself there as I have here: with unwavering dedication and focus.

I have really enjoyed working with PCSX2 these past 2+ years. I have learned a lot about a wide variety of things including (and not limited to) becoming intimately familiar with console hardware design, and developing more advanced high and low level software development skills -- such as binary translation and better understanding of operating systems and application binary interfaces (ABIs).

I will be leaving a few unfinished projects in my wake, such as the R3000A rewrite (recompiler and interpreter), and new dmac work. These side-projects were educational in their own ways for myself and other PCSX2 contributors, however; even if they never quite survived into "profoundly operational" status.

I wish good luck to users and current and future PCSX2 developers and bid everyone a proper farewell -- perhaps unusual in emulation, a scene where the programmers often silently vanish.

Jake Stine (Air)


Work on 0.9.7 is in progress and with very promising results some of the changes are making it into the 0.9.6 build which is probably going to be the last for this version. You can download it here. The downloads repository for pcsx2-mac is always located at

The main improvement is proper implementation of memory protection handling for pcsx2, which should give 25-50% performance boost depending on the game.

This build is only for Snow Leopard 10.6.3 or newer and includes updated ZZOgl 0.21.213 and zerospu2 installed by default.

The ZZOgl-pg r3536 has also been added to plugin repository here


The coding team and staff of PCSX2 wish you a Happy New Year, filled with happiness, health and new hardware! Razz

Due to the holidays and some team members having a life ™ development has slowed down a bit but work towards the next release is already being done Smile We can't promise any dates but let's just say that the team will do their best to bring you the next 0.9.8 release as fast as possible (which means the todo list is done, whenever that is!).

Finally, a big thank you to the people who have donated for the project, we don't say this often and we should Smile


Tomorrow (12/11/2010) we will move the site to another server.
The current server will be taken down in the morning (CET). This means that the portal and forums will be offline.

If no problems occur, the site should be back online at the end of the day (CET). Because we are switching servers, we will also need to update the DNS entries. It might take some time before these resolve correctly.

- Falc.

EDIT: 02:00 PM / CET
We should be back online, in case your DNS server has not been updated yet you can add the following entries to your hosts file:

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