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Hey there guys,

Just to let you all know, during the next 7 days there may be a bit of downtime due to us moving our domain registration over from directnic to the company our dedicated server is owned by, thus bringing everything in to one place for easier management (from our perspective).

Apologies in advance for any inconvenience, however the main website and the forums will be down during this period, but we will try our best to get the website back up as soon as we can!


Update 01/04: The domain is now across, the main site seems ok however the forums DNS record isnt working currently, we are working on this.
For now you can add this to your hosts file located in c:\windows directory\system32\drivers\etc

This should give you access again until we get this fixed.

Happy April Fools Day! (btw this isnt an april fool)

Update 04/04: All seems to be back up again now! well done Falcon4ever for spotting my mistake -_- . Welcome back everybody Smile


Hey people.
While we're still working on the new PCSX2 version, we've also been constantly adding to the all important plugins.
Every now and then we release a beta plugin pack, so you can test them out and benefit from the new features a bit earlier Smile
Head over to the beta downloads page here to grab the new March 2010 package.

SPU2-X 1.4:

  • Yet again improved sound quality by fixing a sample overflow in the ADPCM decoder.
  • Adjustable reverb volume, for deeper reverb effects.
  • Fixes to interrupts and status registers that allow many more games to boot.
    Games fixed by this update include titles like Fatal Frame 2 and 3, Black, the Burnout series, Max Payne 2, Silent Hill 0rigins, Silent Hill Shattered Memories and, of course, "Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey" Razz

GSdx 0.1.16:

  • Stability fixes (less exception crashes).
  • More games have post processing removed, making them playable.
  • Fixed a blending effect used in Final Fantasy 10, 10-2 and Grandia3.
  • Many more tweaks and additions.


  • Several bug fixes that make it work better with the new PCSX2 version.

And many more..
Remember that you have to update DirectX and also to install the latest
"Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)".
Links here and here.



It has been a long time since the last news concerning PCSX2, so I thought I'd bring you up to date Smile
Development of the new 0.9.7 version of the emulator with the all new GUI is going strong and soon all the old GUI functionality will be implemented. After that it's bug hunting time and then a beta release!

In this news post I'll present some of the exciting new features of the new GUI builds, for those of you who haven't checked it out yet!
Click the images to view them in normal size

  • All new menus, for improved usability and faster configuration
  • On the fly suspend and resume, perfectly stable, safe and fast
  • On the fly setting switching or even plugin switching
  • Compatible with Aero Glass and Windows eye goodies
  • Threaded GUI, for better responsiveness, usability and error handling
  • Simplified plugin configuration dialog, with more options
  • Console output will no longer slow down the emulator when flooded thanks to threading
  • Saving states done in the new thread, so gameplay doesn't even flinch when you save



  • New CPU configuration, more user friendly and noob proof with a restore defaults button
  • New GS configuration, with more options like Turbo and Slow motion FPS adjustments


  • New Speed hacks configuration, with more warnings ( like anyone reads them!) and a restore defaults button
  • All options have tooltips (text that appears after you leave the cursor on a control for some secs) explaining what each of them do
  • Screen shot button in every dialog (lower left corner) to easily take shots of your configurations


That's it! Hope you like the new look and functionality, we are doing our best to make PCSX2 as user friendly as possible. Of course there are still some features not shown here, we have to keep something to surprise you!

There is no set date for the beta release, since there are still a bunch of bugs lying around but it's safe to say we are getting close Smile

You can compile it yourselves, from our GoogleCode SVN but no support will be given for it at the forums!.


It's that time of the year again, so i had some time to work on pcsx2/mac, now with nice sound as well Wink This update is about solving the missing textures problem that has been plaguing pcsx2/mac for ages.

The new build is as always available here. In other news, i'm putting a mac plugin repository up at which will contain links to .dmg files with all available mac plugins, check it out.

Zerospu2 0.4.6 has been ported to mac using cross-platform Portaudio library, i recommend all users to use it Smile

Zeydlitz has recently worked on z-buffer swizzling for the ZZOgl plugin and this has fixed a lot of missing textures problems for us. I also fixed some code in pcsx2 for ffx missing textures. Some shots:

Kingdom Hearts

General Plot_avatar

All things must come to an end. And despite my sincerest hopes, my participation in this project is no different. It's with a heavy heart, and with a feeling that some may consider a lack of love (which I assure all of you it is not), that I make the decision today to leave PCSX2 entirely and officially. There is no point in dragging out what must be done. My life demands far more from me than I will ever be able to dedicate to such a task as this, and while I hate to have to choose, when it comes down to it, I really have no choice. I can choose to live in solitude and continue on as always, or I can make a move forward in life and let go of one final link in the chain that has been holding me back. My love for this project and those involved in it for over 6 years now, and many I have come to know as people make this decision extremely difficult. I hate to walk away from something I love so much, and to see a true dream like seeing the PS2 virtualized and so close to our goal makes doing this even harder, but I have made up my mind. I need to move forward, and so I leave the legacy that is PCSX2 as part of my history. Being involved in a project so high profile is something I will always remember. Thanks to all those that have given me support throughout these years and to those that still believe in the same things I did over half a decade ago. Never give up on the dream to keep the reality alive: the PCSX2 team is accomplishing what Sony couldn't. Always remember the hard work that goes into such a project as this. As always, I will keep General Emulation going. Take care to all those I've met and those I haven't. I love all of you.

Thanks for the memories. - General Plot

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