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After almost 3 months of under cover preparation, I present you the new PCSX2 homepage! The last redesign was done 7 years ago by CKemu and Falcon4ever and now it is my turn to update it Smile

The new website is based on the latest Joomla! platform with a custom modified theme for PCSX2, and is no longer bound to our forum. It uses PHP, a new database for the compatibility list and jQuery for various new features. Here's a short overview:




  • Totally fresh design, taking into consideration higher resolutions and a self-adapting template, so the website will take up all your screen no matter what resolution you use.
  • Detection for iOS and Android, in which case the website uses a more mobile theme.
  • Tested and working in Firefox, Chrome, IE9, IE8 and Opera.
  • Article-based, so you can link and like/share each news post or dev blog separately.




  • New main navigation menu, more user friendly with much more content and easy to follow
  • Latest forum threads, youtube videos and SVN revisions, automatically updated via RSS every 3 minutes, for the most up to date overview of what's new with PCSX2.
  • Compatibility list redesigned from scratch. New list look to easily find what you're looking for, more info like last updated and tester who updated and screenshots (not complete yet). Pagination is done via jQuery for faster and easier navigation. Added counters for each status and a user configured games per page, so you can limit the results for smaller screens or vice versa for larger ones.
  • New, detailed Downloads section. This is the largest change of the new website along the compatibility list, which was enormous work. All downloads are now categorized in sections for easier and clearer navigation. They all have detailed descriptions, file size, date published and more info. Almost every plugin released for PCSX2 can be found in the windows plugin section, including Dev9gigarazi, Nuvee and more.

    After endless digging on the internet since 2002 when PCSX2 had its first public release, the archive section was completed. There you will find ALL PCSX2 versions ever released, from v0.026 up to the current v0.9.8 with source code and Linux releases when possible. You will also find old GSdx versions and betas.
  • One button google translate of the website, for our non english speaking visitors.
  • Share box, so you can like on facebook, +1 on google and share on twitter and make PCSX2 known to even more people. You can also share news posts after you click on the title Smile
  • Compatibility overview, showing you the compatibility status of PCSX2 of our total game pool, updated daily.
  • Search function, so you can find old news or blog posts easily.
  • Read more button for news - blog posts which are too long and made the site look bad.
  • Screenshots and videos section, with sexy lightbox pop ups for images.
  • Article archive for a nice overview of our posts over the years.
  • More stuff I probably forgot Razz


Code and speed


  • In general the new website should be a bit slower than the old due to the additional features, but should be barely noticeable.
  • Vastly optimized compatibility list with the development of a new database for it, server side and client side caching for reduced server load.
  • Search engine optimized, we should rank much higher in google now thanks to meta tags in each article and SEO URLs.
  • Server side and client side caching for the whole website, reducing server load and decreasing load times.
  • Script and CSS minifying functions.


I hope everyone enjoys the website and finds it as exciting as I do, even after working on it for so long Smile You can post your feedback or any bugs you find in this forum thread (if you flame it you're banned! Evil or Very Mad ):

Finally, I want to thank Falcon4ever for helping with the server side of stuff and all team members for their valuable input on how things should look and feel. Dedicated to all our loyal user base! Very Happy



Some days ago we were contacted by a Croatian gaming site and were asked to give an interview about PCSX2 Smile We were happy to answer all the questions and help make PCSX2 known to even more people, so here it is:

1.Hello. Can you tell us something about yourself before we get on with the interview?

I'm 'bositman', I've been with the PCSX2 team since 2003 and I am responsible for the site, forum, configuration guide, user support, documentation and testing.

2.Can you briefly tell us about development of PCSX2 emulator till this day?

PCSX2 has advanced immensely in the past 2 years. With the 0.9.8 release the compatibility and speed of the emulator got dramatically increased, to the point that almost every modern system can handle most games. With the latest addition of the MTVU speed hack (multi-threaded VU, runs the VU1 unit in a separate thread, taking advantage of a third core, since EE and GS already run in separate threads) many users got some nice ~15% speed up on their quad cores Smile


It's already close to 2012 but here I am once more wishing on Christmas day to everyone following and using PCSX2!

So we all wish you will get what you want (and wish even more it's a new PC so you can run PCSX2 better!!), have fun and enjoy these few days with your loved ones because that's what counts in the end.
If you don't celebrate Christmas, Merry Sunday!

In other news, 0.9.9 is still in development with Gabest making a surprise comeback lately and working on the software rendering of GSdx. You can give the latest changes a try by going HERE

And finally, an image I ripp..err found on the internet which is appropriate for the day and place! Razz



It's been some time since the last news post so this will help bring everyone up to date with what we've been up to.

-For those of you who haven't heard, the latest SVN builds of PCSX2 have a new speed hack thanks to cottonvibes, named MTVU (multi threaded VU) which enables PCSX2 to use 3 threads now! (4 if you count the minor GUI thread). The speed hack has very high compatibility and provides a big speed boost in most games, especially for triple and quad core CPUs (but even on dual cores).

-We have a new page on our site, which you can view by clicking 'SVN' at the top menu. You will find the 20 latest SVN builds there, courtesy of Orphis' build bot so you will be always up to date with the bleeding edge changes in PCSX2! Do keep in mind that these builds might be a bit buggier than the official releases since they are all work in progress.

-The configuration guide has been updated for the 0.9.8 release (a bit late Razz) and a new quick start guide has been created by avih aiming to be much more compact and easy to read. As always you can apply for translating in this thread. Check them both out!

-A new input plugin named Nuvee and developed by Shalma came to our attention, which is the first to support Lightguns and USB Mice! It seems it already works with almost all games supporting Lightguns so be sure to check it out HERE.

-New PCSX2 wiki hosted on our server, you can find it here!. With your input, the wiki will eventually become a huge knowledge base for individual game settings and known workarounds for bugs, so those of you willing, start contributing your findings Smile

-Our youtube channel already has over 150,000 video views and almost 2,000 subscribers! Smile You can visit it by clicking HERE.

Check out a small sample of our videos there in our video section HERE (select 1080p for max quality)

That's all for now Smile


As of today I am officially retiring from the PCSX2 emulation project.
I am being offered a great job opportunity which will not only utilize my programming skills, but will provide an environment which allows them to further grow and improve.

The decision to leave was not an easy one, and I would not leave the project for just any job, but this career opportunity is too good to let it slide.

I have learned a great deal in my years coding for PCSX2, and I want to thank the team for allowing me to work with them on this great project.
I hope the project continues to improve in my absence, and I look forward to the future PCSX2 v1.0 release.

So to the PCSX2 team, thanks and good luck!
And thank you to the users who appreciated my work.


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