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    Linuzappz the lead coder for the PCSX2 project has 'officially' quit. This is due to several reasons, from slowly losing interest in the project, to simply not having enough time to work on it.

    I won't pull punches here, this is a major blow to this project as he is responsible for so much code, plugins and has an extensive knowledge of the PlayStation 2. Whilst he will pop in 'rarely' to lend a hand, or some advice he won't be working on it further Sad

    All of the betatesting team, his fellow developers and the general people who lend help in #PCSX2 will greatly miss him. We send him all our best, wish him luck with his hectic life and lets hope he gets at least one date with Carolina Ardoháin (Pampita) blushing

    PCSX2 is far from dead and both shadow, Saqib will maintain the project with the heap of coders we do have (Refraction, auMatt, GoldFinger etc..) Confused Given this project has come so far just recently we won't be letting it go the way of the dodo.


    Saqib fixed a large portion of IPU (Image Processing Unit) support in PCSX2, whilst this work is highly WIP and only just happened, it is giving impressive results.

    Videos (FMV's, cutscenes etc) had previously required patches to skip past them, otherwise the emulator would hang, now many games are playing videos (all be it very broken looking in many cases!), examples of games now showing FMV playback would include: Onimusha 2, Onimusha 3, R: Racing, Project Zero, Soul Calibur II, Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 etc.

    Video support will greatly increase the compatibility of PCSX2 and open up even more games for testing and viewing pleasure.

    To show you this good news our tester Rudy_X produced a video from Final Fantasy X DEMO to show you video playback and how it allows you to progress further into the game!

    SurprisedSurprised NOT SUITABLE IF YOU SUFFER FROM EPILEPSY SurprisedSurprised

    This video is divX and is being shared using Bit Torrent, thus you will need a Bit Torrent client such as Azureus to get this video!

    Final Fantasy X - Video Playback!
    2 Minutes 46 Seconds | 29.8MB


    Having broken the 100,000!! unique visitor count, and nearing the 500,000 page clicks mark Confused we decided to thank all the people who have visited this site, and support the project with a few videos from the current WIP 0.9 version.

    All videos are divX and are being shared using Bit Torrent, thus you will need a Bit Torrent client such as Azureus to get these videos!

    Four videos for you to enjoy:

    Final Fantasy X - Ingame At Kilika
    2 Minutes 44 Seconds | 28.7MB | Real Ingame Speed - 10-32 FPS.

    Guilty Gear Isuka - Ingame Fighting Action
    2 Minutes 12 Seconds | 23.4MB | Real Ingame Speed - 20-25 FPS.

    Rakugaki Onkoku 3D Intro
    2 Minutes 28 Seconds | 19.4MB | Real Ingame Speed - 10-15 FPS.

    Virtua Fighter 4 - Evolution - Some fun ingame action!
    2 Minutes 35 Seconds | 27.6MB | Real Ingame Speed - 10-15 FPS.

    Surprised All the videos where recorded through GSdx and are automatically sped up, so you are NOT watching actual emulated speeds! The real FPS is shown under each video link! Given that these videos are being shared through Bit Torrent, we ask if you could seed (share) these files for as long as possible!

    Thank you for visiting, and enjoy the videos! Cool
    Video Special


    Ok so with the new site the guide and translations were down for a bit but everything is back up again. We are currently thinking of even converting it to .chm format, so it will be easier to use (downloadable and not web based)... we shall see on that regard.

    Anyway, here are the links of the guide and all translations:

    PCSX2 Configuration Guide (English)

    Up to date guide translations:

    German translation by Ickis99:
    PCSX2 Konfigurations Ratgeber

    Greek translation by crushtest:
    Επίσημος Ελληνικός Οδηγός PCSX2

    Spanish translation by pyllin:
    Guía oficial de configuración de PCSX2

    Portuguese translation by Mykas0:
    Guia oficial de configuração doPCSX2

    Simplified Chinese translation by GhOsT_301:
    PCSX2 官方指南

    Traditional Chinese translation by GhOsT_301:
    PCSX2 官方正體中文配置指南

    Romanian translation by Cloud Strife 7:
    Ghidul de configurare PCSX2

    Ukrainian translation by Gred:
    ???i???? ? ????i?????i? PCSX2

    Outdated translations(PCSX2 0.7 guide):

    French translation by Benjamin Siskoo:
    Guide de Configuration PCSX2

    Japanese translation by TAK:
    PCSX2 日本語版公式設定ガイド

    Russian translation by Komatozz:
    Настройка PCSX2

    Anyone who is up to translating the guide in another language can drop me an email. Remember to notify me first, since your language could already be on its way to get translated by someone else.


    Thanks to current WIP, the somewhat famous Gran Turismo 4 goes ingame! Very Happy Expect plenty more to come Cool


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