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Merry Christmas to everyone, from the PCSX2 team! Very Happy

Hope everyone has a fantastic time, and a great New Years! Make sure you get plenty of presents, and party hard Cool

No release for Christmas, but one coming sometime in January - we hope, assuming shadow, saqib and refraction don't get lost, drunk or kidnapped by kinky Japanese Female Ninjas (they wish that would happen Cool )

So instead of a release as a Christmas present, how about some hot xxx action starring our loyal betatester Bositman instead Evil or Very Mad :


Time to brighten up the front page of this site with some sexy news. Smile

Parotaku one of our long serving betatesters has been having 'fun' testing Biohazard 4 (Resident Evil 4) under the WIP PCSX2 0.9 beta. Whilst there are still many issues with this game, such as a lack of memory card detection, it is fully playable, and looking utterly gorgeous at high res.

This video is a WMV and should be playable under any decent media player and is being shared using Bit Torrent, thus you will need a Bit Torrent client such as Azureus to get this video!

Biohazard 4 - Ingame
3 Minutes 16 Seconds | 24.1MB | Real Ingame Speed - 10 FPS.

!! The video was recorded through GSdx which automatically speeds up video, so you are NOT watching actual emulated speeds! The real FPS is shown under the video link! Given that this video is being shared through Bit Torrent, we ask if you could seed (share) this file for as long as possible!

Enjoy the video!


Dump the BIOS (ROM0), ROM1, ROM2, EROM, MEC and NVM from your PS2. You must be running PS2Link on your PS2, and it will dump the files into the host directory.

Check out the download area under Tools.


Linuzappz the lead coder for the PCSX2 project has 'officially' quit. This is due to several reasons, from slowly losing interest in the project, to simply not having enough time to work on it.

I won't pull punches here, this is a major blow to this project as he is responsible for so much code, plugins and has an extensive knowledge of the PlayStation 2. Whilst he will pop in 'rarely' to lend a hand, or some advice he won't be working on it further Sad

All of the betatesting team, his fellow developers and the general people who lend help in #PCSX2 will greatly miss him. We send him all our best, wish him luck with his hectic life and lets hope he gets at least one date with Carolina Ardoháin (Pampita) blushing

PCSX2 is far from dead and both shadow, Saqib will maintain the project with the heap of coders we do have (Refraction, auMatt, GoldFinger etc..) Confused Given this project has come so far just recently we won't be letting it go the way of the dodo.


Saqib fixed a large portion of IPU (Image Processing Unit) support in PCSX2, whilst this work is highly WIP and only just happened, it is giving impressive results.

Videos (FMV's, cutscenes etc) had previously required patches to skip past them, otherwise the emulator would hang, now many games are playing videos (all be it very broken looking in many cases!), examples of games now showing FMV playback would include: Onimusha 2, Onimusha 3, R: Racing, Project Zero, Soul Calibur II, Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 etc.

Video support will greatly increase the compatibility of PCSX2 and open up even more games for testing and viewing pleasure.

To show you this good news our tester Rudy_X produced a video from Final Fantasy X DEMO to show you video playback and how it allows you to progress further into the game!

SurprisedSurprised NOT SUITABLE IF YOU SUFFER FROM EPILEPSY SurprisedSurprised

This video is divX and is being shared using Bit Torrent, thus you will need a Bit Torrent client such as Azureus to get this video!

Final Fantasy X - Video Playback!
2 Minutes 46 Seconds | 29.8MB

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