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Current WIP on the PCSX2 0.9.2 beta has led to the PAL (SCES 5049x) version of Final Fantasy X being Playable. Thanks to a variety of fixes made by various members of the team, including;

  • MTGS / DC mode stability - Great for Dual Core / CPU users!
  • IPU fixes, including fully working sound in videos
  • Pause and sync issues, no more random hangs, looping etc
  • SPU2 fixes, including ADMA, and timing related issues.

With MTGS (Multi Threaded GS) / DC (Dual Core) features gaining improved stability, the game can be played at 'enjoyable' speeds, ranging from a base speed of 29 FPS in the most intense areas, right up to the peak speeds of over 140 FPS.[1]

This means that the US, Japanese and finally the European versions of Final Fantasy X are fully playable!

Enjoy the shots posted on the PCSX2 official forums! here

[1] Speed based on:
AMD64 X2 4400+ @ 2.2GHz | 1GB RAM | Any PS2.0 supporting GPU


Nagisa let us know in #pcsx2 that he released a new version of his great ps1/ps2 pad plugin,this time adding a x64 build as well!
Here's the changelog:

-Changed to DirectInput9.
-Fixed PADreadPort1/PADreadPort2 API.
-Fixed the confusion about PAD1/PAD2 settings.
-Added x64 DLL.

You can grab the source along with both x32 and x64 binaries here or in our download section!

Great job nagisa Very Happy


We have recently had saqib and gigaherz working very hard on some... parts of pcsx2 and its plugins, the result? it should be rather enjoyable for you when we release 0.9.2!

I'm not going to tell you what it is, I'm sure you die hard fans will all guess from this sound clip Cool

Note: The sound is a little choppy, but this is due to not running it at quite full speed, plus background recording of the audio.

A big well done to saqib and gigaherz!

Pcsx2prog.mp3 - 1min 128kbps Stereo MP3


ZeroGS KOSMOS 0.95 written by Zerofrog is out! This is the plugin of choice for people using graphics cards supporting Pixel Shader 2.0 or 3.0.

ZeroGS KOSMOS has greatly improved over its previous release, now it is significantly faster, an example would be 'Final Fantasy XII', which is now 3x faster ingame!

Less graphical flaws are present with many games looking absolutely stunning, and even the least capable PS2.0 supporting cards, such as the nVidia 5xxx series will show little to no loss in quality.

ZeroGS KOSMOS also supports the MTGS (Multi Threaded GS) feature of PCSX2, this allows users with Dual Core or Multi CPU machines to get even more speed out of PCSX2, however until the next release of PCSX2, the current MTGS issues will persist.

ZeroGS KOSMOS supports various new features including video recording, Bilinear Filtering, 2 and 4xAA, wireframe mode and more!

Note that the newest DirectX Runtime is required to run ZeroGS KOSMOS.

Final Edit: All ATI issues have been solved along with other minor bugs. If experiencing any problems, try redownloading (there are a couple of versions of 0.95.2 out there).

:: Download ZeroGS KOSMOS 0.95.2 here
:: Feel free to post shots from ZeroGS KOSMOS here


Final Fantasy X: 35-128 FPS
Grandia 3: 37-60 FPS

...Yes you read that correctly, and no it's not April 1st!

WAIT!!..Okay so you knew there would be a catch Razz

MTGS (Multi Threaded GS) has recently become much more stable thanks to zerofrog and his recent improvements to ZeroGS (a GS plugin for PCSX2). MTGS allows for people with Dual Core CPU's to run PCSX2 at significantly improved speeds by putting the graphics side of PCSX2 onto a separate core.

ZeroGS itself has also gone through a major overhaul, making it significantly faster, even without the use of MTGS, so the Single Core crowd will also see a speed boost via this plugin!

ZeroGS offers more features in the up coming release, with improved AA, wireframe mode, video recording, bilinear filtering and pre-defined resolutions to choose from.

So whats the catch? Well ZeroGS requires Pixel Shader 2.0, so you need a graphics card capable of this shader model (I recommend the GeForce 6600GT for budget users).

The other catch is somewhat obvious, you will need a Dual Core CPU to support MTGS mode, eg; AMD X2's, Opterons and of course the new Conroe.

So when does this new ZeroGS come out? Well for now no ETA, and please don't be nagging us about it! Rolling Eyes

Enough of the text, lets move onto my favorite section - eyecandy!

The shots where taken on the following spec machine:

  • Opteron 165 1.8Ghz @ 2.5Ghz (9x280)
  • 1Gb DDR550 Dual Channel @ DDR560
  • Gainward BLISS 7900 GTX 512Mb
  • SoundBlaster Audigy 4

Note FPS is reduced by ~50% in these shots because they where taken with Bilinear Filtering, and 4xAA enabled:

Oh, and check out the new blog section!

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