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Work has been silently progressing over in camp PCSX2. So whats going on?

Well for starters PCSX2 linux. Development for PCSX2 linux has gone extremely well, so well in fact that several games already run on the developers machine and soon we betatesters shall be entering mainstream testing phase.

With the advent of PCSX2 linux comes zeroGS OGL, a full port of the current D3D zeroGS by zerofrog. Whilst this OGL port is in terms of visual compatibility is extremely close to the D3D build, it has several speed related issues to 'iron out', of course these issues will be fixed in the future, and more information shall be given out soon. There will also be a 'surprise' with zeroGS OGL, but that is for zerofrog to announce in the future!

PCSX2 is also getting a full blown x64 build! This is some exceedingly hefty work, with x64 recompilers and core having to be written. Such a port will be able to take full advantage of x64 compatible CPUs under an appropriate OS (Windows x64 / Linux x64), this should offer significant gains in speed, however the work is preliminary and we can't offer direct examples or comparisons yet..!

To all those who have donated, thank you very much! Your donations have helped us buy new hardware to fully develop the linux ports and use 64bit in a stable environment.

Of course with all this porting and rather complex set of additions doesn't leave huge amounts of room for the team to work on other aspects, but we have not forgotten the primary reason for this emulator - getting PS2 games to run on your PC, and compatibility thus has not taken a sidestep, below are shots of Soul Calibur II running under a recent beta of PCSX2:


Merry Christmas folks!

Hope you all have a fantastic day, and get what you want (car, girlfriend / boyfriend, computer, 1000 games, mint rare copy of Final Fantasy 7, the one where Aeris lives, hooker...etc, well atleast they're all cheaper than a PS3, and available in more countries Wink )

If you don't celebrate christmas, well Merry Monday to you all!


Hey everyone,long time since I've posted some news on the PCSX2 site. For those who haven't noticed,the PCSX2 Configuration Guide has been updated for v0.9.2 and is now integrated in this site itself! You can view it simply by clicking on the "Guide" link at the main menu.

With the help of my buddy Falcon4ever, the guide has been converted to mybb code and we now have a new system for translations! The translators will be send a txt file which no longer has any code inside, making it easier for them as to what needs translating.

If anyone wants to apply for a translation, they must first drop me a mail at this address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If there is no other translator working on the same language,I will send back a mail with the txt to be translated.You can also check on the updated WIP list on emuforums here. Note that translators are chosen at a first come basis!

I already have people translating for Greek,German,Italian,Dutch,Spanish,Russian,Serbian,Brazilian Portuguese,French,Polish,Swedish and Turkish so no need to apply for these languages.

The translated guides will be uploaded as soon as possible, after I receive them and check for errors and cases of babelfish.You will be able to select them by pressing the respective flag buttons on the guide page, after they are done Smile

Thats all from me, I'll get back to the usual beta testing slavery Smile


PCSX2 0.9.2 is out, with thousands of users busily trying PlayStation 2 emulation out, the screenshots thread has been a growing mecca of fantastic screenshots, we have thus decided to produce a rather 'unique' video demonstrating some of the many games PCSX2 0.9.2 can emulate.

PCSX2's forum users produce many excellent shots, because of this we plan to take a selection of shots from the screenshots thread on a 'regular' basis and place them on this site under the screenshots section, so please keep on posting and thank you!

There is also a growing YouTube collection of videos being produced by PCSX2 users, check them out! Feel free to make your own videos using PCSX2's inbuilt video recording features and post them in the newly created Videos Thread!

This video is homage to you - the PCSX2 user, we hope you enjoy it!

:: PCSX2 Videos Download Section - Check out the video produced by the PCSX2 Team!

:: Refraction - Spirit - If you enjoyed the music from this video, download the MP3!


PCSX2 0.9.2 R2 is now available

This fixes an assortment of issues found briefly after 0.9.2's original launch. It is strongly advised that people get this build of 0.9.2 over the initial release.

  • Compatibility regression with Vampire Night resolved.
  • Final Fantasy X now works for most regions.
  • Fixes Crash when using config>patches
  • Frame Limiting is now more accurate.
  • Improved zeroGS, Disgaea 2 menus are now solid.
  • P.E.Op.S SPU2 updated to include threaded mode (useful for video recording).
  • Screen Saver / Power Saving now disabled when running PCSX2.

Just to cure our collective headaches "warnings about default.xml" being blank, or "patches not found", are merely information, they do not in any way effect PCSX2's compatibility or performance.

If the config>patches crash problem persists, grab the updated exe's here.

We are releasing via torrent and http, please seed for as long as possible with the torrents, we recommend uTorrent as a client!

:: Official Screenshots Thread - Post your shots from PCSX2 0.9.2 here!
:: Files Pack - 7zip format, grab 7zip from
:: Installer Pack - Executable installer, for the lazy types
:: Downloads Section - For those of you wanting to use http transfer, rather than torrent.

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