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It took only a couple of hours to convince us that it is impossible to make a Linux release without also releasing the source. For those people that had problems with the binaries, they can now go to our downloads and compile their own executables! Hopefully this will resolve all the random crashes and exceptions. Note that the Cg Toolkit
is required for successful compilation. To compile everything type

> sh all

at the root SVN directory. Look at the INSTALL file in the root directory for more options.

Please keep in mind that the graphics in linux are a little lacking due to an incomplete ZeroGS OpenGL plugin. Anti-aliasing and hardcore graphics have not been tested thoroughly; however, the linux builds are still very good. From the tests we've done, performance and features are pretty much the same when compared to the Windows version... which is a tremendous leap for pcsx2. A lot of time was put in to make this release possible.

Windows Users: You can similarly compile your own binaries if you are curious what the team has been up to lately. We will not be officially supporting any windows specific bugs or compilation problems from 0.9.3. 0.9.3 is specifically meant for linux.

Beryl users: Turn it off or otherwise pcsx2 will go very slow.

Some final words: try not to have any Linux vs Windows or x86 vs x86-64 recompiler wars until 0.9.4 comes out.


Well linux users, we promised we'd have you back and here is the living breathing proof!

Along with this release you have a couple of new plugins exclusively!

  • ZeroPAD - New pad plugin based off Twinpad, PADWinkeyb and SSSPSX Pad.
  • ZeroGS OGL - An OpenGL conversion of ZeroGS. No more GSSoft for you Wink

You also have available a 32bit and 64bit build for your pleasure, we do spoil you sometimes! Take note the 64bit version is far from finished!
The next release will be much quicker than the current implementation... head over to the download section to grab it.

WINDOWS USERS:- I have some bad news for you, there will be no 0.9.3 for windows, BUT Before you go crying to mummy that we've been picking on you, you will see 0.9.4 very soon, we have some 64bit bugs in windows to sort out, along with some excellent fixes for games such as Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas so it will be worth the wait.

As a consolation, if you are in to Dreamcast emulation, the long awaited nullDC has just been released, you can grab it here

Just to excite you a little more, here are a few shots I've taken with some of the new fixes for 0.9.4. Enjoy Smile

Grandia2 GTASA

Just a quick note to let you guys know i have just uploaded a modified version of SSSPSX Pad 1.7 to change how its pressure sensitive buttons work. If you play games such as Final Fantasy XII and Gran Turismo 3, you will know on the current release you have to press X+R2 O+L1 etc, well not anymore Smile

You can find this release in the Download section.

Big thanks goes out to Nagisa for this excellent plugin and i hope you will consider using this pressure style in future releases instead of the 2-Button combos Wink



Work has been silently progressing over in camp PCSX2. So whats going on?

Well for starters PCSX2 linux. Development for PCSX2 linux has gone extremely well, so well in fact that several games already run on the developers machine and soon we betatesters shall be entering mainstream testing phase.

With the advent of PCSX2 linux comes zeroGS OGL, a full port of the current D3D zeroGS by zerofrog. Whilst this OGL port is in terms of visual compatibility is extremely close to the D3D build, it has several speed related issues to 'iron out', of course these issues will be fixed in the future, and more information shall be given out soon. There will also be a 'surprise' with zeroGS OGL, but that is for zerofrog to announce in the future!

PCSX2 is also getting a full blown x64 build! This is some exceedingly hefty work, with x64 recompilers and core having to be written. Such a port will be able to take full advantage of x64 compatible CPUs under an appropriate OS (Windows x64 / Linux x64), this should offer significant gains in speed, however the work is preliminary and we can't offer direct examples or comparisons yet..!

To all those who have donated, thank you very much! Your donations have helped us buy new hardware to fully develop the linux ports and use 64bit in a stable environment.

Of course with all this porting and rather complex set of additions doesn't leave huge amounts of room for the team to work on other aspects, but we have not forgotten the primary reason for this emulator - getting PS2 games to run on your PC, and compatibility thus has not taken a sidestep, below are shots of Soul Calibur II running under a recent beta of PCSX2:


Merry Christmas folks!

Hope you all have a fantastic day, and get what you want (car, girlfriend / boyfriend, computer, 1000 games, mint rare copy of Final Fantasy 7, the one where Aeris lives, hooker...etc, well atleast they're all cheaper than a PS3, and available in more countries Wink )

If you don't celebrate christmas, well Merry Monday to you all!

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