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    New website launched!

    After being in the works for half a year ( Razz ) we finally got around making the new website public!

    Since we needed to upgrade to the latest Joomla 3, I decided to also make the website look more modern and closer to our old, initial one. I really liked the Dolphin website look, so you'll find some elements close to their design Smile

    Here's what's changed:

    • Now running the latest Joomla 3 platform
    • New color scheme, matching the old PCSX2 website one that many people requested. You can switch to the previous dark theme from the Cpanel option at the upper right
    • Latest boxes now using JS and switch their items instead of showing all 5 items at once (less space used, looks better)
    • Larger random screenshot box and new screenshots added
    • Removed right column, now only a single left column, more usable space
    • News section now adapts to the detected resolution of your screen. Now the website should display much better with phones and adapt to larger resolutions as well (it's NOT responsive though..)
    • Nicer compatibility overview bars
    • New logo and fav icon! Thanks bmate Smile
    • Many CSS fixes and cleanups

    In general I tried giving the website a more game-y look and I think in that regard it was a success Smile

    You can complain on how you don't like the new look, as usual, in this thread! Very Happy

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