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Configuration Guides

Ok so with the new site the guide and translations were down for a bit but everything is back up again. We are currently thinking of even converting it to .chm format, so it will be easier to use (downloadable and not web based)... we shall see on that regard.

Anyway, here are the links of the guide and all translations:

PCSX2 Configuration Guide (English)

Up to date guide translations:

German translation by Ickis99:
PCSX2 Konfigurations Ratgeber

Greek translation by crushtest:
Επίσημος Ελληνικός Οδηγός PCSX2

Spanish translation by pyllin:
Guía oficial de configuración de PCSX2

Portuguese translation by Mykas0:
Guia oficial de configuração doPCSX2

Simplified Chinese translation by GhOsT_301:
PCSX2 官方指南

Traditional Chinese translation by GhOsT_301:
PCSX2 官方正體中文配置指南

Romanian translation by Cloud Strife 7:
Ghidul de configurare PCSX2

Ukrainian translation by Gred:
???i???? ? ????i?????i? PCSX2

Outdated translations(PCSX2 0.7 guide):

French translation by Benjamin Siskoo:
Guide de Configuration PCSX2

Japanese translation by TAK:
PCSX2 日本語版公式設定ガイド

Russian translation by Komatozz:
Настройка PCSX2

Anyone who is up to translating the guide in another language can drop me an email. Remember to notify me first, since your language could already be on its way to get translated by someone else.

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