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Coming Soon...

Not going to say much really, I think the video does that Wink

These videos are AVI (Xvid) and should be playable under any decent media player and are being shared using Bit Torrent, thus you will need a Bit Torrent client such as uTorrent to get these videos! Please seed for as long as possible!

Surprised NOTE: Actual Emulated speed not shown! Most run below 20 FPS! Surprised
Low Quality Version - 17MB

High Quality Version - 87MB

3D Graphics / Video Editing

Musical Score / Mental Support During Rendering
Refraction (BIFCO Records Ltd.)

Painful-to-Record Video Clip Staff
ChaosCode (Devil May Cry 3)
CKemu (Capcom Fighting Jam, Capcom Vs SNK2, Final Fantasy X-2 / 12, MGS2 - Skate, Monster Hunter G, Rumble Roses, Virtua Fighter 4)
General Plot (Kingdom Hearts)
Nachbrenner (DDR Party Collection, Gran Turismo 4, GTC Africa, Second Sight)
Parotaku (Biohazard 4, Bloody Roar 3, Nightmare Before Christmas- Oogie's Revenge, R-type Final, Rez)
Refraction (Final Fantasy X, Makai Kingdom)
Rudy X (Frequency)

Laz0r Team
Gabest (Needs to fix LOTS)
Refraction (Scratching his balls, pondering pizza)
Saqib (Currently in the distant past fighting time distortions)
Shadow (Kidnapped by his girlfriend, tortured, perhaps dead)

In Memory Of
Linuzappz (Needs to pop by and say hi! - lazy sod)
rumble roses

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