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Logo Design Winners!

The pcsx2 logo design competition ended a while ago, and we had a lot of great submissions (check them out here).

After weeks of voting, we were finally able to narrow down the winners:

New Logo by Nanxo:

New About Box Pic submitted by Tayfun and created by ongakujunkie:

New Icon by Jeonkz (modded for transparency by Air):

New favicon for Portal and Forums by NeoCloudstrife:

We decided the 2nd place in the icon competition would be used as the small favicon sites have when you bookmark them,on the portal and forums, since we did not have one Smile

So congratulations to Nanxo, Tayfun, Jeonkz and NeoCloudstrife for their awesome designs! And many thanks to all who entered, there were many great designs and it was hard picking the winners!

Look forward to seeing these new designs in our next official release with our new wxWidgets GUI! Smile

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