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PCSX2/Mac - Release update!

It's that time of the year again, so i had some time to work on pcsx2/mac, now with nice sound as well Wink This update is about solving the missing textures problem that has been plaguing pcsx2/mac for ages.

The new build is as always available here. In other news, i'm putting a mac plugin repository up at which will contain links to .dmg files with all available mac plugins, check it out.

Zerospu2 0.4.6 has been ported to mac using cross-platform Portaudio library, i recommend all users to use it Smile

Zeydlitz has recently worked on z-buffer swizzling for the ZZOgl plugin and this has fixed a lot of missing textures problems for us. I also fixed some code in pcsx2 for ffx missing textures. Some shots:

Kingdom Hearts

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