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Here you can find the latest PCSX2 Git revisions and their respective changelogs. The downloads are courtesy of Orphis' build bot, which he provides totally free of charge Smile Thanks Orphis!
You can click on the revision number to check out the git revision page and the download button to get them (you will be redirected to Orphis' page). The top revision is the latest,which means it includes all changes from all previous ones.
You need to install the Visual C++ 2013 redist to run these builds.

Revision Author Age Changelog Download
2cd0829avih1 hour,59 minutes ago

updated a comment that --noguiprompt also works correctly at fullscreen

The issue that fullscreen was not restored if the --noguiprompt confirmation
was aborted was already fixed implicitly via e4d8af0, therefore the comment
ended up incorrect. Also explain why it was broken when emulation was not
suspended before this commit, and how it could have been fixed.

e4d8af0avih15 hours,23 minutes ago

gui: exit prompt for --noguiprompt: suspend while visible

When using --nogui and --noguiprompt and the user presses ESC, a prompt is
displayed asking the user to confirm exiting/closing PCSX2. This patch suspends
the emulation while this prompt is displayed.

Also updated the comment that if LilyPad has "safe fullscreen exit on ESC", then
full screen is not restored automatically if this prompt is canceled.

5f2e60dturtleli19 hours,20 minutes ago

gui:windows: Scale confirmation dialogs at high DPI

This should scale all the other dialogs that don't have specifics widths

31b1e34turtleli19 hours,20 minutes ago

gui:windows: Fix memory card dialogs at high DPI

Specifying a minimum size for the filename text controls seems to mess
up the size calculations at higher DPIs and causes usability issues.
Use sizers and proportions instead.

Also scale the dialog widths with the DPI.

f11596fturtleli19 hours,29 minutes ago

gui: Fix missing retry and abort button labels

Retry and abort don't have default labels, so you end up with blank
buttons on both Windows and Linux. Fix it.

Retry is used by the portable mode settings dialog. I'm not sure if
abort is used anywhere.

84b1776turtleli19 hours,29 minutes ago

gui: Fix memory card dialog message truncation

Use sizer flags so the messages aren't truncated. The message truncation
wasn't noticeable in English.

5856d77turtleli19 hours,29 minutes ago

pcsx2: Pass IsoFile parameter by reference

Coverity CID 146905, 146906: Big parameter passed by value

1093c81avih20 hours,10 minutes ago

gui: recording dialog modality: more resilience

A very slight refactor of commit 9eadf3 to also handle a future case where the
audio has a dialog but the GS doesn't (currently both conditions are false).

9eadf35avih20 hours,34 minutes ago

gui: recording dialog - make pseudo-modal also for the main window

The dialog was already modal for the GS window, but the main window wasn't
blocked and pcsx2 could crash if, e.g. the user tried to close the main window
while the recording dialog was visible.

Fixes #879

d7391baturtleli1 day,16 hours ago

Merge pull request #872 from turtleli/fix-memcard-dialog-properly

Make memory card dialog modal, fix resume on memory card dialog close bug

1cbae66turtleli1 day,18 hours ago

pcsx2: Make memory card dialog modal

There were bugs in the UI handling that allowed you to resume emulation
when the memory card dialog was opened, which could potentially cause
data loss/corruption.

Make the memory card dialog modal to prevent this. Although it's
possible to do with a modeless dialog, the solution will be much more
complicated and less future proof.

This also fixes the emulation resume bug after closing the memory card

c17eaceturtleli1 day,18 hours ago

pcsx2: Move AppOpenModalDialog

Also avoid sending a change page event if an empty string is passed and
the dialog is already open.

ad784a5refractionpcsx22 days,26 minutes ago

superVU: Fix missing breaks.
-This was actually a bug, may improve some games that were buggy in superVU, but these functions aren't often used.
-Coverity CID 146865 & 146864: In recVUMI_ESIN(VURegs *, int): Missing break statement between cases in switch statement (CWE-484)
-Coverity CID 146863 & 146862: In recVUMI_EEXP(VURegs *, int): Missing break statement between cases in switch statement (CWE-484)
-Coverity CID 146855 & 146854: In recVUMI_EATAN(VURegs *, int): Missing break statement between cases in switch statement (CWE-484)

3618983refractionpcsx22 days,51 minutes ago

CDVD: Comment out unreachable code.
-Left in so future checks can see what's going on.
-Coverity CID 146818: In ISOreadSector(unsigned char *, unsigned int, int): Code can never be reached because of a logical contradiction (CWE-561)

4a056ferefractionpcsx22 days,56 minutes ago

VIF Unpack: Remove logically dead (and pointless) code
-Coverity CID 146829: In nVifUnpack<1>(unsigned char const*): Code can never be reached because of a logical contradiction (CWE-561)

99095c0refractionpcsx22 days,1 hour ago

eeRec: Fixed Negative array index write
-Coverity CID 146868: In R5900::​Dynarec::​OpcodeImpl::​recWritebackHILOMMX(int, int, int, int): Negative value used to index an array in a write operation (CWE-129)

5b4eb65refractionpcsx22 days,1 hour ago

eeInt: Fix logically dead code in PMFLH.
-Coverity CID 146817: In R5900::​Interpreter::​OpcodeImpl::​MMI::​PMFHL(): Code can never be reached because of a logical contradiction (CWE-561)
-This code is used by both the Interpreter and Recompiler, however it was probably never checked because nothing much uses it. Out of 248 games, it was called 0 times.

379adf3refractionpcsx23 days,1 hour ago

GameDB: Update entry for .hack/Fragment to include SkipMPEG. Fixes #867

c700035gregory381 week,1 day ago

gsdx-ogl: flush debug file before exiting the application

8e34af5turtleli1 week,1 day ago

wxWidgets:windows: Fix debug build menu assertion

There was a version check in the menu handling, but Windows 8.1 and
Windows 10 weren't recognised and some pre Windows 98 code was used.

This is a combination of the following wxWidgets upstream commits.

Thanks to micove for finding the commits.


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