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Here you can find the latest PCSX2 Git revisions and their respective changelogs. The downloads are courtesy of Orphis' build bot, which he provides totally free of charge Smile Thanks Orphis!
You can click on the revision number to check out the git revision page and the download button to get them (you will be redirected to Orphis' page). The top revision is the latest,which means it includes all changes from all previous ones.
You need to install the Visual C++ 2015 redist to run these builds.

Revision Author Age Changelog Download
303564flightningterror16 hours,16 minutes ago

GSdx: Move/add GT4 CRC

Moved a CRC hack to Aggressive that can cause or fix VRAM and RAM spikes.
This way people can switch between each config if they experience problems with either.
Varies on userconfig , game version and maybe hardware.

Added missing CRC game version for GT4 pal.

Note: The issue might be the same on GT3 and GTConcept , the code might
need to be removed for those games as well.

99180f5gregory381 day,12 hours ago

pcsx2: call XInitThreads at init

X11 isn't thread safe by default. It make sense in 1990 but it is ugly nowadays.

The trick is that is must called before any X11 function. So the only
safe place is at the start of the main. Pcsx2App:SurprisednInit() is the
sooner that I've found.

201c9cdKazushiMe4 days,18 hours ago

zh_CN mo files update

07df39cKazushiMe4 days,18 hours ago

zh_CN po files update

b2a2a3agregory384 days,23 hours ago

cmake: update "check these lib..." strings

wx 3.10 is the minimum
sdl2 too for onepad
a recent glew/gtk2 version is enough

bb35261gregory384 days,23 hours ago

gsdx: don't request a depth buffer on the window

Code directly uses depth buffer attached to a frame buffer

2155f65gregory384 days,23 hours ago

gsdx: fix EGL build

16904d5turtleli6 days,10 hours ago

pcsx2: Fix booting ISO from commandline

cca6e1drefractionpcsx26 days,22 hours ago

Merge pull request #1896 from ssakash/counterstuff

PCSX2-Counters: Detect DVD variant videomodes

47c2f0aFlatOutPS26 days,22 hours ago

GSdx: Remove Dirge Of Cerberus CRC hack

Hack was used to remove garbage data rectangles from popping up on screen when objects and characters were added to or removed from the world.
This issue is now being handled by OI_DoubleHalfClear in GSRendererHW.cpp, so the hack is no longe necessary and has been removed.

7392f52FlatOutPS26 days,22 hours ago

GSdx: Move Resident Evil 4 and The Getaway series CRC hacks

Moves Resident Evil 4 hack to Aggressive level as it is no longer
required to fix any issues, but does offer a decent speed boost.

Moves The Getaway & The Getaway Black Monday CRC hack to Full level, as the issue can be resolved
when using the OpenGL Hardware renderer.

620b9b3turtleli6 days,23 hours ago

pcsx2: Avoid clearing current ISO when not autorunning with an ISO

92b1f3cturtleli6 days,23 hours ago

pcsx2: Fix "nodisc" commandline option

It was present in the help text but didn't actually do anything.

088aa2fturtleli6 days,23 hours ago

pcsx2: Fix autorun when commandline and current CDVD options differ

Fixes an issue where the game will either boot the wrong CDVD source or
fail to boot if the current CDVD option doesn't match the option
specified in the command line.

688f05fgregory386 days,23 hours ago

gsdx sw: always enable the gs memory wrapping emulation

c115a4cgregory381 week,1 day ago

Merge branch 'greg/onepad-legacy'

ef34354gregory381 week,1 day ago

onepad: create a legacy version for SDL1

The legacy version is the version 1.3

The new version is the version 2.0. It would be based on SDL2 only

Distribution information.
If you link wxWidget with SDL, you will need to be sure it is SDL2 or upgrade.

You can build wxWidget with SDL2 with the following trick

export SDL_CONFIG=/usr/bin/sdl2-config
./configure --with-sdl .....

73a879cssakash1 week,1 day ago

PCSX2-Counters: Detect DVD variant videomodes

Improved the video mode detection code by also detecting the DVD variant video modes of NTSC & PAL, PSX mode actually make use of these specific variants, as well as the BIOS. Previously, I just had them as a single bios video mode due to laziness. (I know, my bad)

After further research, it seems that these DVD variant modes have their own individual VSync timing values similar to the standard NTSC & PAL video modes, dealing with those timer codes might be essential in getting timing accuracy of the PSX mode games. (I kept it to default NTSC/PAL values for now, interested people can mess with it later)

I had planned to do this before but there some were concerns that two different video modes make use of 0x73 gate in SetGsCrt, which was rather weird (how the heck could two video modes be used in a single param value?)

0x73- DVDPAL ( 720 x 480 @ ??.???Hz)
0x73- DVD480P ( 720 x 480 @ ??.???Hz)

Hence, we had decided to use the CMOD bit from SMODE1 (AKA color subcarrier frequency) to detect whether it's an analog or digital video mode and update the necessary timing values but seems like it's no longer necessary, after further discussions from some PS2 developers, we've come to the conclusion that only DVDPAL is possible via 0x73 in SetGsCrt. (So I assume the DVD480p init possibility was fake info from Blue and those other GSM guys who were reverse engineering the PS2)

92aa270Kingcom1 week,2 days ago

Align functions to up to 16 bytes in the function scanner

d23caa9turtleli1 week,3 days ago

ci: Initialise git submodules in AppVeyor


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