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Here you can find the latest PCSX2 Git revisions and their respective changelogs. The downloads are courtesy of Orphis' build bot, which he provides totally free of charge Smile Thanks Orphis!
You can click on the revision number to check out the git revision page and the download button to get them (you will be redirected to Orphis' page). The top revision is the latest,which means it includes all changes from all previous ones.
You need to install the Visual C++ 2015 redist to run these builds.

Revision Author Age Changelog Download
c1f45daramapcsx21 day,6 hours ago

Merge pull request #1507 from FlatOutPS2/master

PCSX2: IPU end of video freeze fixes
Fixes end of video freeze in Enthusia - Professional Racing.
Fixes end of video freeze with IPU Normal error in games like Enter The Matrix(#1494), Rygar, Freestyle Metal X, etc. Also fixes The Incredible Hulk and Bolt (thanks to @prafullpcsx2 for testing).

de32691gregory382 days,1 hour ago

clang format: don't allow statement on single lines + disable resource.h too (generated file)

Following discussion in #1530

1fb2c66gregory382 days,1 hour ago

gsdx ogl: Unscale line

Line thickness will be increased to N pixels (N is the upscaling factor).

Code will also be enabled by UserHacks_unscale_point_line = 1

0188950gregory382 days,1 hour ago

gsdx ogl: restore code to unscale point

enabled by UserHacks_unscale_point_line = 1

Point will be transformed into a NxN square sprite. (N is the upscaling factor)

f3d14dagregory382 days,8 hours ago

Merge pull request #1524 from ssakash/SMODE2_Override

EE: Minor changes to syscall function

8ee2d3dgregory383 days,4 hours ago

gsdx: use static assert when possible

reported by clang tidy

b2984cdaktau3 days,5 hours ago don't use -m option for parallel

My reasoning was off. The -m flag does avoid the clang-tidy startup
cost (which isn't large), but it also increases tail latency because it
allows a straggler command to run much longer. Suppose that many heavy
.cpp files are bundled into one clang-tidy invocation.

Bench from Greg
with -m
./ --dbg --clean --no-simd --clang-tidy 3886.45s user 12.04s system 1066% cpu 6:05.71 total
./ --dbg --clean --no-simd --clang-tidy 4297.51s user 41.70s system 1497% cpu 4:49.86 total

27ea9c2gregory383 days,6 hours ago

Merge pull request #1529 from aktau/clang-tidy-parallelize parallelize clang-tidy

b45adb6aktau3 days,6 hours ago parallelize clang-tidy

Also suppress spurious output from command -v.

[ci skip]

6bc6d20ssakash3 days,23 hours ago

R5900: Add an enum class for SYSCALL

v2: Fix indentation on switch-case.

95d70dbssakash3 days,23 hours ago

Counters: Move interlace detection code to SetGsCrt

* More accurate to PS2 behavior and avoids an useless SMODE write function, it makes sense to also move this as video mode specific colorburst detection was already moved to SetGsCrt.

a0b014eavih4 days,10 minutes ago

editorConfig: use tabs instead of spaces (indent stays 4)

The vast majority of PCSX2 files use tabs for indentations, and all new
commits also use tabs for indents and not spaces. Therefore, having space
.editorConfig makes it extremely hard to work on PCSX2 files with editors
which support this config file.

There were some concerns that github will make things harder for us
with tabs at .editorConfig, and if that indeed becomes an issue then
we'll have to address it somehow. For now, let's hope it won't.

Also, commented out the line which automatically removes trailing
spaces, since it affects the entire file and therefore makes changes
which the committer did not intend to make at places unrelated to the

fc99695gregory384 days,48 minutes ago use $flags instead of "$flags"

Otherwise bash add tick around it and cmake doesn't understand what happen

2ae133egregory384 days,52 minutes ago use clang when clang-tidy is enabled

avoid tons of warning that options XXX isn't supported

a02937agregory384 days,1 hour ago

Merge pull request #1528 from aktau/build-posixify simplify and semi-modernize

0f4cc32gregory384 days,1 hour ago

i10n: upload precompiled es file

2b2042eturtleli4 days,4 hours ago

gsdx: Allow screenshot compression level to be changed

At higher resolutions it takes too much time to save a screenshot at the
maximum compression level. So let's allow the user to set the
compression level.

This re-uses the png_compression_level setting. The default compression
level is 1 for speed, but if the user wishes to increase the compression
level (without using an external tool) and doesn't mind if the
screenshot takes more time to save then they can increase the
compression level up to a maximum of 9 (which can take quite a while).

Fixes #1527.

57090e8aktau4 days,6 hours ago simplify and semi-modernize

1. All POSIX shells support $(...) syntax [1], including /bin/sh. shellcheck
warns about it.
2. [[ won't work in /bin/sh [2], so use [ everywhere. I wonder why it worked
now, perhaps the test was running on a system where /bin/sh -> /bin/bash.
3. In POSIX sh, string indexing is undefined. [SC2039]. Unfortunately, this
means we require a subprocess: Very
4. In POSIX sh, arrays are undefined. We seem to use $flags as an array
after constructing it by string concatenation. I tried to verify that
this has the same effect as just passing the quoted string in bash:

bash-3.2$ flags="-DCMAKE_GOOK"
bash-3.2$ flags="$flags -DCMAKE_MOARMA"
bash-3.2$ flags="$flags -DCMAKE_URURURUR"
bash-3.2$ ./argv $flags
0: ./argv
bash-3.2$ ./argv "${flags[@]}"
0: ./argv
bash-3.2$ ./argv "$flags"
0: ./argv

5. Enable exit on unknown variable (-u). All variables should be known,
otherwise we have an error in the script. shellcheck doesn't warn so I
think it's fine.

Apart from shellcheck(1), I also ran checkbashisms(1). The latter only
reported that "command -v" might not be available in other shells.
Apparently only ash(1) doesn't understand it.

NOTE: Why are we even trying to support pre-Mavericks (Darwin < 13) OSX? We
don't even support the most modern OSX (El Capitan) fully yet. OSX upgrades
are free and generally don't leave old machines behind. Most machines made
after 2009 can upgrade to El Capitan, AFAIK. I also believe that systems
that have all the utilities and libraries necessary to build PCSX2 will have
/bin/bash >= 3.x.

NOTE 2: Does cmake/ninja generate the same type of output in


d6b834egregory384 days,6 hours ago

gsdx hw: don't execute blit fmv with target

Avoid invalid operation due to depth buffer

fa826b3gregory384 days,7 hours ago

gsdx tc: check compatible bit when wrote in middle of target

All maths are wrong otherwise. Fix half screen issue in WRC


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