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Here you can find the latest PCSX2 Git revisions and their respective changelogs. The downloads are courtesy of Orphis' build bot, which he provides totally free of charge Smile Thanks Orphis!
You can click on the revision number to check out the git revision page and the download button to get them (you will be redirected to Orphis' page). The top revision is the latest,which means it includes all changes from all previous ones.
You need to install the Visual C++ 2015 redist to run these builds.

Revision Author Age Changelog Download
815ac8bturtleli28 minutes,11 seconds ago

gsdx:cmake: Fix logo dependency issue

Changes to the dependencies of the generated logo files did not trigger
a rebuild of the files. Use add_custom_command instead of
execute_process so build dependencies can be specified.

Also prevent the generated files from polluting the source directory.

ba94643turtleli5 hours,37 minutes ago

gsdx:linux: Fix missing logo on some Linux distros

The pixdata format loader has been removed from recent versions of
gdk2-pixbuf, so the logo doesn't load. Avoid preprocessing the data and
leave the logo as an embedded bitmap file.

ae73356turtleli22 hours,12 minutes ago

gsdx: Avoid const strings in header file

This prevents each .cpp file that included stdafx.h (IOW everything)
from having its own copy of the strings.

38c2de3ssakash1 day,4 hours ago

GSdx-PCRTC: Minor modification to NTSC saturation

Allow the output circuit saturation to take place at cases where one of the output circuit is enabled with frame mode rendering, I'm not sure it would be safe to allow saturations when both of the output circuits are enabled with frame mode rendering. Unlike field mode rendering, frame mode doesn't use identical rectangles at same co-ordinates for output in two alternating fields and potentially they could use a much bigger output size when both of the output circuits are enabled and are separated without any intersection. So let's limit the saturation to only the cases where we detect a single output circuit for frame mode rendering.

Fixes a regression in Devil May Cry 3 and Sky Gunner.

a18d624willkuer2 days,1 hour ago

gsdx: Add an automatic CRC hack level

If a user switches renderer they also have to remember to change the CRC
hack level for the best user experience with the selected renderer.

This commit adds a new automatic CRC level that autoselects the
recommended CRC level for the selected renderer, so that a user doesn't
have to make the change manually.

coauthor: turtleli

439472dwillkuer2 days,1 hour ago

gsdx: Add template version of GetConfig

It allows static_casts to be avoided for enum classes

85ddf69turtleli2 days,1 hour ago

gsdx: Improve OpenGL HW renderer checks

If OpenGL software is the saved ini renderer and F9 is pressed to toggle
to the hardware renderer, depth emulation will be disabled. This fixes
that issue.

a5282daturtleli2 days,1 hour ago

gsdx: Store the current renderer in GSdxApp

94f2ad9turtleli2 days,1 hour ago

gsdx: Move renderer config loading from GSOpen2 to _GSOpen

Some duplicate logic is avoided this way.

6977658lightningterror2 days,1 hour ago

GSdx ogl: SSO Workaround for AMD buggy drivers (#1858)

GSdx ogl: SSO Workaround for AMD buggy drivers

All 2017 drivers are now blacklisted.
The BSOD/crash issue is still there so don't set Blending Accuracy to None!
Shortened the message in the console making it more appealing.

2aa33e2orbea3 days,11 hours ago

Add crc hack for project metafalica


b123b6dpgert3 days,11 hours ago

Swedish translation update.

eb8ede3turtleli6 days,23 hours ago

lilypad: Use l length modifier for wide character string

w is Windows specific. Fixes a gcc and clang warning.

f1eff35turtleli1 week,20 hours ago

gsdx:windows: Fix console output when replaying dumps

cf4194fturtleli1 week,1 day ago

pcsx2: Remove unused Windows files

There's actually more (old cheats and patch browser?), but I don't know
whether they'd be useful so I'll leave those alone for now.

f174d71turtleli1 week,1 day ago

gsdx: Fix vsnprintf usage in format function

-1 is only returned when there is an encoding error, and the va_list
argument is indeterminate after being passed to vsnprintf.

Use the return value to determine the buffer length, and call va_end and
then va_start before vsnprintf is called again.

ae2e846turtleli1 week,1 day ago

gsdx: Remove ancient codeblocks file

4fff0e9turtleli1 week,1 day ago

3rdparty:freetype: Use zlib in 3rdparty instead of internal version

Reduces the GSdx DLL size slightly (14kb with VS2017)

67d9436turtleli1 week,1 day ago

gsdx: Remove unused and incomplete GSDeviceSW

178f31fturtleli1 week,1 day ago

pcsx2:mainframe: Remove some comments and unused prototypes

The flag comment was wrong, the rest are mostly old leftovers/TODOs.


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