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Here you can find the latest PCSX2 Git revisions and their respective changelogs. The downloads are courtesy of Orphis' build bot, which he provides totally free of charge Smile Thanks Orphis!
You can click on the revision number to check out the git revision page and the download button to get them (you will be redirected to Orphis' page). The top revision is the latest,which means it includes all changes from all previous ones.
You need to install the Visual C++ 2015 redist to run these builds.

Revision Author Age Changelog Download
eb8ede3turtleli11 hours,39 minutes ago

lilypad: Use l length modifier for wide character string

w is Windows specific. Fixes a gcc and clang warning.

f1eff35turtleli1 day,8 hours ago

gsdx:windows: Fix console output when replaying dumps

cf4194fturtleli1 day,16 hours ago

pcsx2: Remove unused Windows files

There's actually more (old cheats and patch browser?), but I don't know
whether they'd be useful so I'll leave those alone for now.

f174d71turtleli2 days,10 hours ago

gsdx: Fix vsnprintf usage in format function

-1 is only returned when there is an encoding error, and the va_list
argument is indeterminate after being passed to vsnprintf.

Use the return value to determine the buffer length, and call va_end and
then va_start before vsnprintf is called again.

ae2e846turtleli2 days,10 hours ago

gsdx: Remove ancient codeblocks file

4fff0e9turtleli2 days,10 hours ago

3rdparty:freetype: Use zlib in 3rdparty instead of internal version

Reduces the GSdx DLL size slightly (14kb with VS2017)

67d9436turtleli2 days,10 hours ago

gsdx: Remove unused and incomplete GSDeviceSW

178f31fturtleli2 days,10 hours ago

pcsx2:mainframe: Remove some comments and unused prototypes

The flag comment was wrong, the rest are mostly old leftovers/TODOs.

e344578turtleli2 days,15 hours ago

pcsx2: Remove unused MenuId_Sys_Restart and related code

1837d43turtleli3 days,10 hours ago

gui: Remove unused/incomplete panels/dialogs

Also rearrange the CMakeLists.txt slightly so things are easier to find
and to remove a duplicate entry.

fb174b4turtleli3 days,10 hours ago

pcsx2: Remove unused/incomplete stuck/wait for thread dialogs

448ca97turtleli3 days,10 hours ago

gsdx: Avoid "using namespace std" in spsc queue

9865270gregory384 days,21 hours ago

gsdx: split GSVector.h into smaller files

f3a89f5FlatOutPS21 week,11 hours ago

LilyPad: General fixes and UI improvements

Some general fixes and UI improvements.

Adds Reset Configuration to Input/Force Feedback configuration screens that resets the configuration for the selected control(s).

Adds Restore Defaults button to the General tab that deletes all LilyPad
Settings and bindings and resets to the default settings.

Adds double-click functionality to the PAD list on the General tab,
which will now send the user straight to the corresponding PAD tab.

84a8fdaFlatOutPS21 week,11 hours ago

LilyPad: Fix F4 button (PCSX2 FrameLimiter toggle) getting blocked

Fixes issue where losing focus after pressing alt-tab would end up
blocking the F4 button (which is used for turning the PCSX2 FrameLimiter
on and off).


bd45babFlatOutPS21 week,11 hours ago

LilyPad: Display a warning when all controls are inactive

Displays a console warning if no controls/controllers are active and the
emulation cannot be controlled.

2ea078bFlatOutPS21 week,11 hours ago

LilyPad: Add Quick Setup

Adds quick setup that allows for quickly setting up all the default pad
buttons without having to click on each one separately.

Hides special inputs(inputs that aren't available on a PS(2) controller) by default.

3075ec2FlatOutPS21 week,11 hours ago

LilyPad: Improve analog/pressure sensitive detection

Improves detection of analog or pressure sensitive support, which previously made some games unable to detect the correct mode.

a3efc77gregory381 week,1 day ago

gsdx ogl: use an HLE shader to avoid upscaling line in ICO

ICO uses a depth of field effect for the fog. Depth is extracted
into the alpha channel of a texture. And then used as blending factor.
You need a 1:1 texture/pixel mapping otherwise you will line at boundaries.

In order to extract the DoF, ICO moves the depth buffer around the GS
memory. Memory moves are implemented in the not-scaled world. It means
that we can't have the above 1:1 ratio. And we don't know anymore that
data are coming from the current depth buffer.

The solution: I reused an HLE channel shader to read the depth buffer directly.
This way I have the guarantee that pixel/depth are aligned.

Close #1816

1a768cagregory381 week,1 day ago

gsdx sw: sync thread if current target pages are already used by input texture

Otherwise you have a write before read typical race condition. It works
most of the time because textures are stored in temporary buffers (aka
texture cache). So the race condition requires texture invalidation in the mix.

I hope the perf impact will be small enough.

Fix #1691
Blood Will Tell: gray scale effect description

Frame is renderer in 0x700
Sync 0x700 (RT will be used as input)

Foreach page of frame
// The missing Sync was this one. You can't copy new data to 0x2800
// until you finish the rendering that use 0x2800 as input texture
// (AKA end of this foreach loop)
Sync 0x2800 (not the first iteration, texture will be used as a RT)
Copy page from 0x700+offset to 0x2800

Sync 0x2800 (RT will be used as input)
Render Effect line1 from 0x2800 to 0x700


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