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Here you can find the latest PCSX2 Git revisions and their respective changelogs. The downloads are courtesy of Orphis' build bot, which he provides totally free of charge Smile Thanks Orphis!
You can click on the revision number to check out the git revision page and the download button to get them (you will be redirected to Orphis' page). The top revision is the latest,which means it includes all changes from all previous ones.
You need to install the Visual C++ 2015 redist to run these builds.

Revision Author Age Changelog Download
8d4fadbgregory3841 minutes,53 seconds ago

Revert "gsdx state: TEX0 write behavior might depends on the context"

This reverts commit b34243fa7bf7e7ce9643840e5ea75b0988ee0b1b.

Unfortunately we have a regression on GT4. I'm doomed

90ad9cfgregory381 hour,1 minute ago

gsdx hw mipmap: tune the rounding + remove previous hack

GS really uses an invalid texture located at 0.

Improve the rounding for R&C. The idea is to avoid the corner case were only
the corner of the triangle touch the 7/16 edge.

adb8be3gregory381 hour,1 minute ago

gsdx: add/update comment

Need to investigate why the number of vertex is different in upscaled resolution

7490373gregory381 hour,1 minute ago

gsdx: report an error if PSM is invalid

fea31f7gregory381 hour,1 minute ago

gsdx: don't use virtual when it is useless

97172f5gregory381 hour,1 minute ago

gsdx debug: count draw call in a different way

* Always do +1 before the draw call
* Prefix texture name with i (as input) to keep them before the FB

Goal is to ensure that all renderers share the same draw call value.

fd58ee6ramapcsx24 hours,23 minutes ago

psxmode: disabled a PGIF ringbuffer memset, added comments

c272359gregory381 day,8 hours ago

Merge pull request #1550 from PCSX2/gsdx-dual-context-clut

gsdx state: TEX0 write behavior might depends on the context

b34243fgregory381 day,10 hours ago

gsdx state: TEX0 write behavior might depends on the context

Game: harley davidson
* write tex0 ctx0
* write tex0 ctx1
* draw ctx 0

Previous GSdx behavior will load the clut every write of TEX0. In the
above case the draw will take the wrong clut.

To be honest, it could be a wrong emulation on the EE core emulation.
The hardware likely got a single clut (1KB cache is quite expensive)
So clut loading must be skipped if the context is wrong.

Next draw will use the ctx1 clut so I apply TEX0 when the context is switched

Please test harley davidson Smile

v2: detect context switch from UpdateContext function
V3: always set m_env.CTXT[i].offset.tex, avoid crash (Thanks to FlatOutPS2 that spot the issue)
V4: move bad psm correction code (rebase put it in the wrong place)

e0961d8gregory382 days,8 minutes ago

gsdx HW: use after free crash

Free bt
3 0xe676d194 in ~Source ../plugins/GSdx/GSTextureCache.cpp:1526
4 0xe676d194 in GSTextureCache:SurprisedourceMap::RemoveAt(GSTextureCache:Surprisedource*) ../plugins/GSdx/GSTextureCache.cpp:1990
5 0xe676f0fe in GSTextureCache::IncAge() ../plugins/GSdx/GSTextureCache.cpp:1022

Use bt
0 0xe6772a83 in GSTextureCache::LookupSource(GIFRegTEX0 const&, GIFRegTEXA const&, GSVector4i const&Wink ../plugins/GSdx/GSTextureCache.cpp:204
1 0xe66b0c9f in GSRendererHW:Very Happyraw() ../plugins/GSdx/GSRendererHW.cpp:579
2 0xe66fb43e in GSState::FlushPrim() ../plugins/GSdx/GSState.cpp:1509

Hypothesis the m_map array of list contains an invalid pointer
It is populated GSTextureCache:SurprisedourceMap::Add based on the coverage. The coverage is based on the offset.
So offset is potentially wrong. As mipmap code hack the offset value. It would be a nice culprit.

This commit avoids a potential bad transition between MIPMAP (which
overwrite the "offset"Wink and the base layer (which wrongly keep an old "offset"Wink

Conclusion, pray for my soul as it is very hard to reproduce

04d82d8gregory382 days,1 hour ago

gsdx: size doesn't count but 0.625 might change your life :p

be9995bgregory382 days,11 hours ago

gsdx mipmap: improve robustness to avoid potential crash

ebb2a8agregory383 days,41 minutes ago


To easily disable assertion on codes that only require investigation

ca4f265gregory383 days,41 minutes ago

gsdx debug: dump mipmap register could be useful now Smile

0139402ramapcsx23 days,47 minutes ago

psxmode: color for mdec please! ;p

fdf5e7aramapcsx23 days,7 hours ago

Merge pull request #1583 from PCSX2/ramapcsx2-psx-mode

PCSX2 rudimentary supports PlayStation 1 games now. Many thanks to user Wisi on the forums. He researched and wrote the essential missing piece; The PGIF device!
Note: To use this in any form, SPU2-X needs to be fixed. ZeroSPU2 can be used to boot games for now, but without sound.

ef9a144gregory383 days,8 hours ago

gsdx hw: extra trick for the mipmap

Ratchet & Clank (the third) uses an address of 0 for invalid mipmap.

It would be very awkward to put the middle layer of texture in start of
memory. So let's use this information to correct the lod.

It make the game more robust on the lod rounding

78b2848gregory383 days,8 hours ago

gsdx: factorize the TEX0 generation for mipmap

ccd9ce1gregory383 days,10 hours ago

gsdx hack: move tales of legendia hack to full move

Also remove the OI hack which is handled by the generic double half clear

e229dc1gregory383 days,10 hours ago

gsdx hack: move Resident Evil 4 to full level

The CRC hack removes the fog, without the hack the screen turns green with D3D,, but the fog emulates correctly on OGL with hardware depth.


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