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Here you can find the latest PCSX2 Git revisions and their respective changelogs. The downloads are courtesy of Orphis' build bot, which he provides totally free of charge Smile Thanks Orphis!
You can click on the revision number to check out the git revision page and the download button to get them (you will be redirected to Orphis' page). The top revision is the latest,which means it includes all changes from all previous ones.
You need to install the Visual C++ 2013 redist to run these builds.

Revision Author Age Changelog Download
ff24a5fgregory385 days,18 hours ago

gsdx linux: disable std::thread

Threads are not killed properly therefore GS crashes on reloading (aka F9)

See issue #392

b9297c6gregory385 days,18 hours ago

Merge pull request #377 from PCSX2/tlb_goemon_v2

goemon gamefix improvement

316efecgregory386 days,13 hours ago

Merge pull request #393 from CecilHarvey/master

updated zh_CN translations

f0a9f0fCecilHarvey6 days,13 hours ago

updated zh_CN translations

63ba78bgregory386 days,18 hours ago

remove zzogl-pg-cg

superseeded by zzogl-pg

09ec6ebgregory386 days,18 hours ago

pcsx2: fix a gcc warning

62bda67gregory386 days,18 hours ago wx30 is the default, the option is useless

7d21497gregory386 days,18 hours ago

clang: no support of f-abi-version=6 option

7683628gregory386 days,18 hours ago

pscx2: s/wxTrap/pxTrap/

wxTrap is only enabled on wxDebug build. pxTrap is always available. It is much nicer for debug on linux

c5efdb9gregory386 days,19 hours ago

Merge pull request #391 from micove/flush-color-reset

Don't buffer the changes to the console colors.

c7c8b70micove1 week,5 hours ago

Don't buffer the changes to the console colors.

After a Console.Write/Writeln that uses colors a call to
ConsoleColorScope::LeaveScope() is made to restore m_old_color. This
restoration command stays buffered until a full line is printed. In the
meantime any console message that happens will use the old coloring
and if the program happens to crash the console would keep using the
color of the last colored text that was printed.

01b0556gregory381 week,8 hours ago

goemon: reset recompiler after tlb unmap

Let's avoid unvalid virtual address on recompiler block

18405e2gregory381 week,8 hours ago

gsdx: add goemon comment on some assertion

If someone want to trigger them

cb73ed4gregory381 week,8 hours ago

pcsx2:tlb:goemon: allocation can be called from 2 places

* game is working Smile

Note1: I dissassemble the main exe to search all call of the allocation (unlikely to have more calls)
Note2: it is easier to use the return of the function so allocation is done in the tlb[array] cache

e6de35fgregory381 week,8 hours ago

pcsx2:tlb: enable GoemonUnloadTlb on recompiler

a8ad598gregory381 week,8 hours ago

pcsx2:tlb: improve goemon gamefix log

2cfbc6egregory381 week,8 hours ago

pcsx2:tlb: extend goemon gamefix

Add GoemonUnloadTlb function that invalidate TLB cache.

Currently the function is only used on the interpreter. It fixes TLB error after a reload of data.

Next step: porting to the recompiler

8d8aa87gregory381 week,8 hours ago

pcsx2: interpreter: better use pc

cpuRegs.pc is the actual pc+4...

bf9fc52gregory381 week,8 hours ago

disassembler: Allow to print register value

* Create a disBranch to factorize a bit the code

* Add PRINT_REG_CONTENT define that add a 32bits value of registers for
standard opcode. (Far from perfect, but it very useful)

cebcceagregory381 week,10 hours ago

gsdx: disable some gl extensions when VMware driver is detected

It is likely the Mesa driver, code seems to have the same issue (separate shader)


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