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Here you can find the latest PCSX2 Git revisions and their respective changelogs. The downloads are courtesy of Orphis' build bot, which he provides totally free of charge Smile Thanks Orphis!
You can click on the revision number to check out the git revision page and the download button to get them (you will be redirected to Orphis' page). The top revision is the latest,which means it includes all changes from all previous ones.
You need to install the Visual C++ 2015 redist to run these builds.

Revision Author Age Changelog Download
a83042dssakash6 minutes,1 second ago

PCSX2-WX: Update strings in Language dialog

83eb79cssakash6 minutes,1 second ago

PCSX2-WX: Proper source medium on menuitem

Previously the boot menu items always displayed "Boot CDVD" regardless of the current source medium, this behavior has been fixed to properly adjust the text when source medium is changed. Now it'll display Boot CDVD/ISO/BIOS with respect to the current source medium.

v2: Some instances of "Iso" have been changed to "ISO" for consistency.
v3: Remove the unnecessary "Reboot" on menu item labels, saves some string translations.
v4: Add a new shortcut key for the primary boot menu item.

b86518essakash6 minutes,1 second ago

CDVD: Convert CDVD_SourceType into enum class

* Add a template function for underlying type conversions of enumerations

f367fa5ssakash6 minutes,1 second ago

PCSX2-WX: Fix Shutdown menu item behavior

There is already a dedicated bind event to handle the gray out of the menu item, so let's just gray it out initially and let the bind event handler do it's thing.

The previous behavior would only gray out the menu item when all the plugins are in a non-active state which didn't seem ideal as the plugins were shutdown only when closing PCSX2 (or) switching plugins.

259b813ssakash6 minutes,1 second ago

PCSX2-WX: Disable HostFs for release builds

947b6b5FlatOutPS225 minutes,14 seconds ago

LilyPad: Add Device Select option

Adds a device select option that hides bindings and disables binding new
inputs from all non-selected devices on the bindings list. This also
avoids input conflict issues when one controller is recognized as
several devices through different APIs.

872ab9dFlatOutPS225 minutes,14 seconds ago

LilyPad: Add Configure on bind option

Part of the GUI update, this function switches to the configuration page
immediately after binding an input instead of staying on the bindings

1f8608fFlatOutPS225 minutes,14 seconds ago

LilyPad: GUI update

Updates the UI by reducing the height of the plugin window. This has
been achieved by removing some buttons below the diagnostics and
bindings list and incorporating those functions into the
lists(accessible by right-clicking in the list). The binding
configurations on the Pad tabs have been moved to a separate page, like
the Forcefeedback bindings, to separate the configuration from the

deaceb6FlatOutPS225 minutes,14 seconds ago

LilyPad: Add skip deadzone option

Adds a skip deadzone option to the Pad tabs.

With the normal deadzone, if the control input value is below the
deadzone threshold, the input is ignored.
However, some controllers also benefit from shortening the input range
by skipping a deadzone.

61a6fe9ssakash2 hours,12 minutes ago

GSDX: Apply saturation only to interlaced video mode

JMMT uses a bigger display height on NTSC progressive scan mode, which is not really unusual hence adjust the saturation hack to only take effect on interlaced NTSC mode.

However, the whole double screen issue on FMV still exists. As a bit of information, this game has the second output disabled but seems to have some valid data inside of it, maybe the second output data is leaked into the first one? most likely a bug in the frambuffer data management rather than a CRTC issue (needs to be investigated)

b9d5784np5112 hours,15 minutes ago

Adds PGO support. Profile data is stored in a folder called profile
in the top-level source directory. The build folder should NOT be
transferred between computers when PGO is used, though I don't
see why anyone would be doing so anyway.

Also adds support for PGO and LTO to the script.

40ac87cgregory382 hours,16 minutes ago

Merge pull request #1690 from PCSX2/greg/vtune


7f64f39gregory382 hours,34 minutes ago

vtune: count the number of ERET to trigger a quick exit

The purpose is to stop vtune profiling in a predictable way. It allows
to compare multiple runs.

ERET is called every syscall/interrupt return so it is proportional to
the EE program execution.

031b6e6gregory381 day,4 hours ago

common: improve vtune merge support

Mapping the full buffer is killer on Vtune (either crash or requires a huge processing time).
Instead keep the same ID for code in the same buffers.

I think all buffers are correctly mapped now but I still miss the frame pointer
for VU code.

b9369e7gregory381 day,4 hours ago

pcsx2: remove the reserve feature of recompiler memory

* requires ~180MB of physical memory (virtual memory is the same so it
doesn't impact the 4GB limit)

From steam: 98.81% got at least 2GB of RAM. 83.62% got at least 4GB of RAM.
That being said, it might not really increase RAM requirements as OS could put the
new allocation in the swap.

* code is much easier
* remove at least half of the signal listener
* last but not least, it is way easier for profiler/debugger

903d359gregory381 day,4 hours ago

pcsx2: add a --profiling cli option

Disable Framelimiter and Vsync

So you can profile real data instead of the idle time between vsync Wink

0453e5cgregory381 day,4 hours ago

cmake: improve vtune integration

Year is included in the path so search in order 2018/2017/2016

Not ideal but at least all logic is inside the FindVtune module

07d7905ssakash1 day,15 hours ago

GSDX: Fix output texture height calculation

Previously, the height of the frame offset was also considered for the total height of the texture which was obviously wrong as the portion before the offset value isn't part of the frame memory.

4d39bbegregory381 day,15 hours ago

Merge pull request #1688 from turtleli/gsdx-thread

gsdx: Use std::thread and std::function for GSJobQueue

ac78688turtleli2 days,11 hours ago

gsdx: Make GSJobQueue non-inheritable

In the previous code, the threads were created and destroyed in the base
class constructor and destructor, so the threads could potentially be
active while the object is in a partially constructed or destroyed state.
The thread however, relies on a virtual function to process the queue
items, and the vtable might not be in the desired state when the object
is partially constructed or destroyed.

This probably only matters during object destruction - no items are in
the queue during object construction so the virtual function won't be
called, but items may still be queued up when the destructor is called,
so the virtual function can be called. It wasn't an issue because all
uses of the thread explicitly waited for the queues to be empty before
invoking the destructor.

Adjust the constructor to take a std::function parameter, which the
thread will use instead to process queue items, and avoid inheriting
from the GSJobQueue class. This will also eliminate the need to
explicitly wait for all jobs to finish (unless there are other external
factors, of course), which would probably make future code safer.


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