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Here you can find the latest PCSX2 Git revisions and their respective changelogs. The downloads are courtesy of Orphis' build bot, which he provides totally free of charge Smile Thanks Orphis!
You can click on the revision number to check out the git revision page and the download button to get them (you will be redirected to Orphis' page). The top revision is the latest,which means it includes all changes from all previous ones.
You need to install the Visual C++ 2015 redist to run these builds.

Revision Author Age Changelog Download
07c69ebturtleli1 day,1 hour ago

ci: Fix 32-bit Travis CI builds

[skip appveyor]

58102a3ssakash4 days,22 hours ago

PCSX2-WX: Add "Always ask when booting" option

When enabled, this option opens the file explorer to directly select the
ISO at each boot instances instead of relying on the Recent ISO list.

b75868cssakash4 days,22 hours ago

PCSX2-WX: Increment max ISO count in recent ISO list

The default 12 is rather low and won't suffice for most cases, updating
it to 20 to give some extra space for additional ISOs. Incrementing it
to an even higher value might not be so good as it consumes lots of
vertical space, not a nice idea for people with smaller screens.

4a56240turtleli1 week,4 days ago

gsdx:d3d11: Fix incorrect geometry shader use

The sprite geometry shader was still being used even if the sprites were
converted on the CPUs.

Convert all sprites using the GPU - the fix isn't ideal, but it'll
likely have to do unless someone feels like porting over more of the
OpenGL changes to the D3D11 renderer.

Closes #1921.

8b245c1Jakob55662 weeks,1 day ago

Add Danish translation

f8787caturtleli2 weeks,5 days ago

gsdx: Fix variable initialisation issue

Class member variables are initialised in order of declaration in the
class definition. Move native_buffer to the top of the class definition
to avoid initialising m_width and m_height to random values.

23fa065ssakash2 weeks,6 days ago

GSdx-HW: Move scaling code to separate subroutine

Move the custom resolution scaling code to a separate subroutine and
allow future RT buffer resize calls when the buffer size isn't enough.

(Example: when a game's CRTC/Framebuffer size changes. The older code
didn't consider such cases)

a04d9fassakash2 weeks,6 days ago

GSdx-HW: Revamp buffer size calculation

Added a more robust buffer size calculation mechanism for custom
resolutions. Improves performance in higher resolutions for games
which don't need a big buffer. There's a great boost in performance
at GS limited scenarios.

I don't even feel there's a need for the large framebuffer option right
now, For future - I plan on making the large framebuffer enabled version
as the default as the overhead is there only at situations when it's
necessary. Until then keeping the original code just to be on the safe
side in case any issue pops up.

266c114ssakash3 weeks,7 hours ago

GSdx-OGL: Extend ICO workaround to PAL videomode

11ed4deturtleli3 weeks,7 hours ago

gsdx: windows: Port xz dump readback

Also modernize and std:: a bit while I'm at it.

742b0edturtleli3 weeks,7 hours ago

gsdx: Fix GS dump readback EOF handling

An EOF only occurs after attempting to read past the end of the file.
Account for this correctly, which fixes a potential infinite loop when
reading back an xz compressed GS dump.

a6ed698turtleli3 weeks,7 hours ago

unix: Remove LZMA_SUPPORTED define

3912f33turtleli3 weeks,7 hours ago

windows: Link GSdx to liblzma (xz)

97d9963turtleli3 weeks,7 hours ago

gsdx: Use std::vector for xz dump output buffer

By default, Windows has a 1MB stack size limit per thread, so array
cannot be used...

b170bddturtleli3 weeks,7 hours ago

3rdpartyMadz: Add project and config file

The config file is currently just a straight copy of the one in the xz

a26afbeturtleli3 weeks,7 hours ago

3rdparty: Add xz submodule

The submodule commit corresponds to the v5.2.3 release.

49840bbssakash1 month,22 hours ago

GSdx: Implement SYNCV register bitfields

Add the bitfield structure of the undocumented SYNCV register,
potentially might be useful in proper height determination of the output
circuit for some weird games which still get it wrong but still haven't
figured out how it might be useful. Maybe some sort of black magic
formula with the vertical synchronization values?

The differential phase value seems to closely resemble the display
height value of the video modes (480 for NTSC, 576 for PAL) but after
some investigating into the differential phase, I have no clue on how
they might be even related. Hopefully the mystery will be unveiled in
the near future.

e8f35f0turtleli1 month,2 days ago

onepad: Remove use of "using namespace std"

"using namespace std" was causing ambiguity issues and compile errors on
FreeBSD. Remove it.

802f102gregory381 month,3 days ago

gsdx: dump gsdump in xz format directly

Reduce disk space. Easy to share.

It would be nice to port the code to Windows.
libzma code was taken from

Note: only short dumps are supported so far. Big dump will freeze the interface during the compression.
Or will suck all the RAM.
Note2: a multithreaded encoder would badly impact the compression ratio

Thanks to Turtleli for all review comments

53b2fdfgregory381 month,3 days ago

linux: requires liblzma (xz) to build GSdx


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