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Here you can find the latest PCSX2 Git revisions and their respective changelogs. The downloads are courtesy of Orphis' build bot, which he provides totally free of charge Smile Thanks Orphis!
You can click on the revision number to check out the git revision page and the download button to get them (you will be redirected to Orphis' page). The top revision is the latest,which means it includes all changes from all previous ones.
You need to install the Visual C++ 2015 redist to run these builds.

Revision Author Age Changelog Download
6376e8dDPersonalized4 hours,52 minutes ago

Just a simple grammar fix. (#1489)

5e3c2f0avih14 hours,4 minutes ago

eeCycleRage: negligible fix for the milest underclock calculation

This now makes the mildest underclock really identical to before 90b11b2 .

460b7beavih14 hours,39 minutes ago

eeCycleRate: add/restore a milder underclock value to the slider

Also slightly modify the textual description of the other underclock items.

All previous values available at the slider are still there, but since
the new value is now the mildest (slider == -1), it "pushes" the previous
-1 and -2 values one notch down.

This restores the mildest value to be identical to how it behaved before
90b11b2f , which is measured as about 75% speed.

Because the "balanced" preset uses the -1 slider value, it means this
restored mild value is now also used by the balanced preset.

As a note, while the message for the mildest value was always "reduce by
about 33%", before 90b11b2f it was actually about 25% reduction (75% speed,
like with this commit now), and after that commit it was about 40% reduction
(60% speed).

Also, since we add new value to the slider only on one side, the "0"
(default) slider position is now not at the exact middle. That's fine,
but maybe we could also add a milder overclock value on the other side
to have that symetric again.

67dc3eeavih16 hours,11 minutes ago

gui: eeCycleRate: more accurate description based on measurements

The ee cyclerate percentage values at the slider text were inaccurate,
and sometimes wildely so.

Add some code to measure the actual speed at runtime (disabled by default)
and update the (static) slider text values according to the measurements.

Also change the description from increase/reduce "by AA %" to "to BB %".

This makes it slightly easier to grasp. E.g. "reduce speed to 10%" is
easier to grasp than "reduce speed by 90%", and similarly, "increase
speed to 300%" is easier to grasp than "increase speed by 200%".

140fe74gregory3821 hours,15 minutes ago

gsdx ogl: fix bad blending regression

(when accurate blending is disabled)

Regression was introduced in 29c97a9bf21a985e1524e0b428ff97aa678adcc4 (11th June)

e8e6d3bavih1 day,11 hours ago

game settings/patches: don't apply acidentally to the bios

While c782b62 added much more reliable game game startup detection, the
settings system did not yet gain that knowledge, but typically that's OK.

Typically the settings (and patches) are loaded according to the current
CRC, which happens once on bios boot (with general settings) and then again
when the game starts, which includes game-specific fixes, patches, etc.

However, if the setting are changed (and therefore also applied) after
the game CRC is known but before the game starts, such as if the user
presses Tab to change framelimiter while at the bios, then until now it
was accidentally applying the game's settings while still at the bios.

This commit makes the settings routine know whether or not the game actually
started, and apply the generic/game settings accordingly.

c782b62sudonim11 day,13 hours ago

More robust eeload hooking to monitor and interfere with bios and game loading.
Maybe some other cruft can go now this should be reliable.

242ac26gregory381 day,16 hours ago

Merge pull request #1485 from ssakash/HPO_Custom

GSDX-TextureCache: Port Half pixel offset hack for custom resolutions

55599e1gregory381 day,16 hours ago

Merge pull request #1486 from FlatOutPS2/master

GSdx: Star Ocean 3 depth issue fix

11cdb07gregory381 day,16 hours ago

cmake: use only sse2 flag for ICC

Default is pentium4

eacd789ramapcsx21 day,17 hours ago

Fix an oversight (missing an include)

02b0451FlatOutPS21 day,19 hours ago

GSdx: Star Ocean 3 depth issue fix

Fixes issue #1475

91e0772FlatOutPS21 day,19 hours ago

GSdx Add missing CRC hacks

1068208ramapcsx21 day,21 hours ago

Merge pull request #1484 from ssakash/annoying_warning

GSDX: Silence an implicit conversion warning

27e7eccavih2 days,9 hours ago

patches: load before recompiling the elf entry block

Commit 330704a added code which applies the patches before recompiling the
elf entry block, but because at that stage the patches for the current
CRC were not yet loaded, effectively it did nothing.

Now it actually loads the patches before applying them.

As a result, it should now be possible for patches (with place=0) to be
effective before the elf is executed.

This is a hack, because the emulation loads the patches while it's not
paused. It works, but it's not great. A better way would be to pause the
emulation once the entry point is detected, then make the setting get
applied normally (which also loads the patches normally), and then resume
the emulation.

This _should_ properly fix #627 (the test case works as expected now).

defbdccavih2 days,9 hours ago

AppCoreThread: small refactor (no-op)

In preparation for the next commit

dbad57bssakash2 days,15 hours ago

GSDX: Silence an implicit conversion warning

OMSetBlendState() doesn't accept passing a float value as it's argument
(AKA actual parameter).

47f69f6ssakash2 days,16 hours ago

GSDX-TextureCache: Port Half pixel offset hack for custom resolutions

620876egregory382 days,20 hours ago

gsdx: fix compilation error with ICC

just require the -restrict compilation flag

76f38d3gregory382 days,20 hours ago

onepad: fix ICC compilation warning


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