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Getting up to date

Hey everyone,this isn't anything exciting but I just wanted to let you know.
Our download section has finally been brought up to date with all the updated versions of the GS and Pad plugins which are under development.
Also,some outdated and useless files have been removed to prevent confusion.
I've also updated our sourceforge page ( with the current info (it was last updated about 3 years ago!),added some screenshots and both FAQ - readme docs in the documentation section.

In other (more interesting for you) news,development is going good as you're able to see from the frequent SVN updates,with Refraction making the usual core changes,with a recent one giving a huge speed boost in some games (albeit breaking some,still trying to figure out what to do with that).
Saqib is also working on something behind the scenes,wait and see when it's done Wink


IPU Updated!

I tried to think of a flashy title for this, but i couldn't, so I thought I'd just blurt it out!

Yes the IPU (video side of PCSX2) has been updated by none other than Saqib! You might be asking what this will bring to the table? Well im sure as many of you know, videos in PCSX2 suffered from Macroblocking (Corrupt squares appearing all over the place) or videos freezing randomly. Well thanks to Saqib for his marvelous work, many games no longer suffer from these symptoms. Here is a quick rundown of some of the games fixed.

Atelier Iris - Grand Phantasm
Ayumi Hamasaki - A Visual Mix
Graffiti Kingdom
Many Growlanser games
Monster Hunter
Resident Evil 4
Simple Series Videos
Soul Calibur 3
The Simpsons
Many more!

In light of these changes a lot of games have been improved to a playable status or had their stability increased!

The code is in SVN, do NOT ask for help on the forums. If you guys are lucky, i might be nice enough to compile a new beta very soon Wink

Discussion of whats fixed can be found on the Official forums



Dedicated to our fans

Im sure most of you have noticed recently the site has been slow, full of SQL errors and lord knows what.

Well we noticed too! So we have now moved on to a nice new dedicated server, which should have less trouble handling the load (and give some breathing space). You might notice a couple of small problems for a few days as we iron things out but most things should be fully functional. Its not cheap (about $160 USD per month) so any help via the donation button at the bottom of the page would be appreciated!

Sorry for the inconvenience caused and i hope everything is much better for you all from here on in! A big thank you to Falcon4ever for working so hard to get everything across. You've done a marvelous job.



Merry Christmas and SPU2ghz release...

This is gigaherz here, writing my first ever news post.

After more than 4 years working on it in my spare time, and while it still doesn't work as well as peops spu2 or zerospu2, the plugin has finally come to be acceptable enough for public testing.

I have to note the plugin has many known issues in specific games, like looping, robotized or jumpy audio, but in others it does its job more than fine and in a few it even manages to get better results than its competitors.

For now, you can get binary builds for win32 in here.

On a side note, it's Christmas day already, so to everyone who chooses to celebrate it, me and the rest of the PCSX2 team wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope you all have been given all what you asked for (or what you deserve, whichever is better), and for those who don't, I still wish you a good day!


Gamepad support for Linux!

It's about time Linux users had a proper pad plugin! ZeroPAD now supports gamepads including analog axes... which some games are impossible to play without! So if you are a Linux user and are dying to play pcsx2 with a gamepad, please update the sourceforge svn or download the zeropad plugin sources below. If you are downloading, just unzip into your previous zeropad folder and 'make install'. For people having problems, post your questions in the forums.

you can grab the source from here

For those people having trouble compiling, completely delete the old zeropad directory and re-update. Then run 'sh all' from the root pcsx2 dir. Or if you want to do it manually, execute the following commands in the zeropad folder:
automake -a
./configure --prefix=`pwd`/../../../bin/plugins
make clean
make install

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