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End of year Progress report

Hello PCSX2 followers and a belated Happy New Year!

After being late a couple of days (it's a tradition and we can't break it :P ), we present you with a new stable release, version 1.4.0! Grab it HERE

Along with the release comes our year end report for 2015. The following progress report will provide an overview of all the notable changes from the previous stable version, 1.2.1, to this update. Keep in mind many of the changes have been mentioned in previous progress reports, but are mentioned again as a changelog for 1.4.0. The changes since 1.2.1 are so many, some smaller, some quite massive, that it was impossible to write about all of them, but we believe we have nailed all the highlights!

This release is special for our growing Linux user base. You will be treated with a shiny new GSdx OpenGL backend, for a massive speed and compatibility boost over 1.2.1 and much more, all thanks to the efforts of Gregory and various contributors!

Generally, this release includes work from many more contributors than any previous versions. It appears that switching to Git as our version control system helped invite more developers and encourages sharing even small patches and additions.

So without further ado, here is the report!

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September 2015 progress report http://pcsx2.net/272-september-2015-progress-report.html http://pcsx2.net/272-september-2015-progress-report.html

Progress report September


Dear PCSX2 followers,

Please find the new monthly report below. First things first - sorry for the delay. As you may know, our team is pretty small and two members have been out of action due to their real lives (Blyss and Gregory). The past two months were full of activity but first of all I want to share some good news with you. Not one but two new developers joined the project. Please welcome Micove and Turtleli! We wish them thousands of commits :D They have already done a damn good job at improving the project, well done guys!

Now its time to present this month's changes.

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July-August 2015 progress report http://pcsx2.net/271-july-august-2015-progress-report.html http://pcsx2.net/271-july-august-2015-progress-report.html

6-2015 progress report


Hello everyone! Welcome to PCSX2's July-August 2015 progress report! Since we were late again ( :P ) we'll include the first half of August in this report as well. So sit back, buckle up and hold on as we go over the changes that happened in the months of July and August! First we will go over some more magic in the realm of GSdx.

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June 2015 progress report http://pcsx2.net/270-june-2015-progress-report.html http://pcsx2.net/270-june-2015-progress-report.html

6-2015 progress report


As promised in last month's update, welcome to PCSX2's very first monthly progress report! Sorry that it's a bit later than I had said - totally my fault! Let's start things off with a bang, shall we? A question that often gets asked on the forum to a surprising degree is a variation of the following: “How can I get XYZ Snowblind engine game working in hardware mode?” the answer up until very recently was “You can't, use software mode and expect it to be ridiculously demanding.” For those of you unfamiliar with it, the Snowblind engine was used for games like Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, Champions of Norrath, Champions: Return to Arms, and a few miscellaneous others. The Snowblind engine does some pretty crazy stuff on the PS2, like using 2x Super Sample Anti Aliasing! Because of that, it's very demanding and even ultra powerful rigs would have issues running these games in software mode. Running them in hardware mode would result in only half the screen being visible because of the way the engine achieves the 2x SSAA.

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Major GSdx progress and monthly progress reports! http://pcsx2.net/269-major-gsdx-progress-monthly-reports.html http://pcsx2.net/269-major-gsdx-progress-monthly-reports.html

Hello everyone! I know our news updates have been few and far between as of late, but that's going to change starting now! Several really nice new features have been added by GSdx master Gregory lately. He has been working at breakneck pace and making amazing progress. This update will cover those as well as a few notable improvements by some of the other devs and some changes to how we are doing things going forward. The most visible of those changes for you guys is that we will now be writing monthly progress reports! Sometime around the end of each month/beginning of the next we will be posting a news update which covers all the major changes that have taken place during that month. For now, let's take a look at what has been happening in the world of PCSX2 since the last update!

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Linux news http://pcsx2.net/266-linux-news.html http://pcsx2.net/266-linux-news.html

Hello guys, here are some news on the Linux front. Yes I know, I ought to do that more regularly :P

In short progress is slow but steady :)

* A port to wxWidget 3.0 was done recently, mostly because Debian will drop wxWidget 2.8 . It is enabled by default but wx2.8 is still there, you can restore is with the -DWX28_API=TRUE build option.

  • Most of regressions were fixed so it will work as bad as before ;) No I'm kidding, it actually works better on my PC. Feel free to test it.
  • Unfortunately Windows is still blocked to wx2.8, contributions are welcome (first step is to add a wx3.0 library build)
  • Some wxWidget libraries depend on GTK3. PCSX2 code was updated to support GTK3 but wxWidget is not as stable as expected. Nevertheless, you can enable GTK3 with the -DGTK3_API=TRUE build option (debug build only).

* Better support of cross-building (thanks to Micove). Cmake used to select wrong libraries between lib32/lib64/lib/...

  • You need to use this new option on 64 bits machines -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=cmake/linux-compiler-i386-multilib.cmake
  • Note: build.sh will do it by default, so just build.sh

* Support of AVX

  • code is now compiled with -march=native to support all optimizations of your CPU. It can be disabled with the -DISABLE_ADVANCE_SIMD=TRUE build option (for example distribution or inside VM)
  • Note: GSdx (Linux) needs a couple of updates to support SSE4x. Again contributions are welcome, check this issue https://github.com/PCSX2/pcsx2/issues/438

* New (nearly) playable game: Bouken Jidai Katsugeki Goemon

  • Full support of MMU with the interpreter, and a dedicated game-fix for the recompiler
  • No more TLB misses! (full story will be posted in http://pcsx2.net/developer-blog.html in coming weeks).
  • Crashes are reported on GSdx windows not sure on Linux.

* Finally, Ubuntu PPA is up to date with the latest feature. However, Ubuntu 12.04 support is discontinued!

Ongoing work (aka the plan for the next months):

* port lilypad to Linux

  • It will bring Force Feedback, MultiTap and it might work better in several games.
  • I'm close to have keyboard support but help would be appreciated to build a full GUI. Please contact us if you are interested.

* port GSdx to openGL 4.5

  • A long time ago, I planned to update the code to support GL_ARB_direct_state_access. It was postponed because no official driver supported it.


Last but not least, thanks to all contributors. Even the smallest patches are a big help.

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Merry Christmas from the PCSX2 team http://pcsx2.net/264-merry-xmas-2014.html http://pcsx2.net/264-merry-xmas-2014.html

We hope that you've all had a good year! Be sure to enjoy what little is left it (it sure went by fast!). Eat some good food, enjoy the company of good friends, and make sure to check back here for more PCSX2 related news soon!

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